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Day 343: Stocking stuffers - cute, or a threat to humanity?


The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes they would soon be filled with STICKERS and BOUNCY BALLS
(and other useless stuff)

So. I was in the drugstore today and I noticed all kinds of "stocking stuffers" - things like little bottles of body lotion, packets of hot chocolate powder, little toys, etc.

When did this begin, and what's the point? As I recall when I was a kid, I got gifts from a) Santa b) my friends and family and c) some smaller items in my stocking. I think it's still the same, right? Or I guess in some places, Santa leaves gifties in stockings rather than under the tree, but still. There are gift-gifts, and then there are "stocking stuffers." One is something you write to Santa because you want it (bigger items, generally) and the other are just little pointless things that make your stocking full.


BRILLIANT IDEA: Fill the stockings... with stockings. Cute ones!

Why? Why do these things exist? Does anybody actually ever use a tiny bottle of body lotion, or do they just accumulate and eventually get thrown out?

I'm not at all suggesting that I don't buy people random crap - I do, all the time for birthdays and Christmas, etc. Somehow buying one thing, like a book I know my friend wants, seems like not quite enough. So I would add maybe a little toy, and a fancy bookmark, and then maybe a box of candy and possibly something silly, like a thing of silly putty. Only then does it seem like a good gift.


What is it about Christmas that makes going overboard seem like the best thing to do?
How high are this guy's energy bills? Seriously. Come on.

I guess for kids, who like to count how may gifts they get, throwing in a bunch of bouncy balls and stickers and miniature water pistols and whoopie cushions is useful so that they can brag to their friends how they got 17 gifts. But for adults, really?

I don't know. These things usually don't cost more than like $1.99 each, so they aren't super expensive, really. But I'm trying to wrap my mind around how just buying one nice thing is good enough. It totally is. Right?

Do you guys buy stocking stuffers? Even for adults?


Nicole @theWardrobeCode said...

I'm having the same issue this holiday. I'm giving thrifted clothing and accessories (yes, from a thrift store - it's my "thing") but I can't seem to land on one single gift for each recipient. Some kind of mental glitch makes me think I should include a little "something extra."

katy p said...

in my family we give each other nice pens on office doodads in the stocking; a magazine maybe, or a small piece of jewellry and some really nice lindt chocolate. i got mark fancy shaving stuff he'd never get for himself, once. i like stockings!

Stephanie said...

I love stockings! I have so many good memories attached to stockings. My sister and I would sneak downstairs at some ridiculous hour and open our stockings while waiting for mom and dad to get up. If it weren't for stockings...there would be no chocolate for breakfast on Christmas morning!

But I do definitely see the problem with filling a stocking with a bunch of junk that will end up in a landfill. My husband and I are filling stockings for each other, and I think they'll mostly be oranges, chocolate, lottery tickets, chapstick, pens...stuff that we'll actually use. Along with small gifts, my mom and dad fill each other's stockings with root vegetables, and then we steam them for Christmas dinner. Ha!

jesspoole said...

We do stockings, but don't buy dumb crap. I normally give BF more shampoo, face wash, a new toothbrush, floss, etc. in his, stuff he may not need TODAY, but will definitely be handy some time soon. I think its a nice way to have the joy of a stocking, have some extra supplies on hand, and not waste money!

~Carla~ said...

With 4 kids you can bet we do stockings... But because we don't do "crap" stockings, thy add up quite fast. This year it's a video game, personal items, electric toothbrushes, chocolate, a few toys for the younger girls, etc...

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