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Day 342: 5 minute holiday hair using a sock. Seriously!


Nananananannana SOCK BUN!

You guys, I have just made the most astounding discovery, thanks to Erin at My Thirty Spot who posted these great tutorials to make a sock bun.

What is a sock bun? Turns out, the answer to ALL OF MY HAIR QUESTIONS. Lauren Conrad has posted a tutorial for making a ballerina bun on The Beauty Department, but that includes back-combing and bobby pins and frankly, that's a lot of work and who has the time?

Enter an old sock.


Seriously! A sock! That's the big secret!

All you do is cut off the end of an old sock (ideally a similar colour to your hair colour), fold it into a donut shape, and then wrap your hair around it. I did this last night, it took like 2 minutes, and it looked so fab and put together! I didn't even need to use bobby pins! Consider me TOTALLY WON OVER.

Also: you could wrap a bow around the bun to look extra festive. Or to look SUPER FESTIVE, you could wrap Christmas lights around the bun. I leave this to your discretion.


The end result. I mean, if you do the sock bun, then a full face of makeup, and then get yourself professionally airbrushed. But the bun looks just like that! Amazeballs.

BlogHer has some more cute suggestions for 5 minute holiday hair (and honestly? Any hairstyle that takes more than 5 minutes is bound to fall apart, and I spend all night worrying about it. Plus, I like to sleep in). Check out their ideas and be sure to check out the comments section for even more fab tips.

Annnnd, on top of all that, BlogHer is having a sweepstakes to win $250, so hit that up while you're there, too. (If you're in the US, that is, you lucky Americanos)

These are not hemorrhoid pillows, they are expensive faux-sock-bun accoutrements.
Just cut the toe off an old sock and save yourself some cash.
Seriously! A SOCK!

Are there other secret hair tips like this that I don't know about? What's your go-to holiday 'do?


Niki said...

I have done this. I love it! I was so surprised by how great the curls looked. I never tried just to do a bun but that would work great too.

Annabelle said...

Right? The key is to get a sock close to your own hair colour - I first used a grey-and-black striped sock and you could see it poking through.

I feel like this is something invented by industrious frugal girls during rationing in World War Two. They were geniuses, those girls.

Michelle P said...

Cute! I've been wanting to try this.

centsofacountrygirl said...

I must try this! Socks, not just for your feet anymore.

Harri @ TotallyMoney said...

Say whaaaat? I have a Mad Men themed Christmas party coming up next week, so I'll be pinching your sock bun trick for saucy secretary cool.

A sock. Wow a flippin' sock.

okgirl said...

I just took my hair out of last night's sock bun! It worked perfectly, although I had to use massive amounts of bobby pins since my hair was soaking wet when I put it up. If your hair is dry, and you just spritz it enough to make it damp before you roll it up, you'll have beautiful waves when you take it down. Two hairstyles in one!

jesspoole said...

I tried this, and it didn't work. I think its because although my hair is thick, I don't have a ton of it, so it didn't fill out enough. Also, it's only just past my shoulders. Did anyone with hair like that get it to work??

Marissa said...

Soooo..... ive actually done this and it turned out pretty cute.

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