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Day 340: Shopping Detox vs. The Craft Fair

Today, I went with two of my frugal advisors to Ye Crafte Faire.


I have the utmost respect for craftspeople, esp. considering the minute progress I've been making knitting a sweater over the last few weeks. I could never make enough stuff to fill a whole booth!
I can barely make enough stuff to cover my own torso!

Here's the thing about me and craft fairs: I don't like about 85% of crafts shown at craft fairs. I like: cute knitted things, fudge, bath products, glittery things, things with skulls on them, and alpacas (*note: there was one booth selling alpaca woollens and she totally invited me and my friend for an open house at her ALPACA FARM!! You know I'll be blogging up that visit)


Who doesn't love alpacas? NOBODY! That is because they are THE BEST ANIMALS EVER.
Look at those faces! Seriously! AHHHHHH *faints from the cuteness overload*

I once worked at a crafte faire (long ago and far away), which is probably the most blatant example of Relative Cuteness ever. One minute I was boredly straightening the merchandize in the booth I was paid to work at, and the next minute I realized that the guy selling hand-carved children's toys in the booth next to mine was SO TALENTED and I bought wooden toys (despite not knowing any children at the time), and some homemade lip balm, and bath bombs, and picture frames and SO MUCH STUFF I WOULD NEVER, UNDER ANY OTHER CIRCUMSTANCE, DESIRE.

But in the absence of stuff that's my aesthetic (i.e. mid-1960s Barbie doll) I kind of settled for the best of the rest.


Audrey Hepburn Barbie Doll = my aesthetic. 100%.

A similar thing happened today at the craft show, where I could almost literally feel my standards begin to lower as I looked around. Maybe that hand-whatevered bracelet is kinda cute, despite the fact that I hate wearing bracelets and it has a cat face on it. Maybe my cat would like one of these cat outfits, despite the fact that she is totally warm in her own fur and doesn't need an outfit. Maybe I need a mortar and pestle made out of hand-whatevered clay thing!

I was strong, though. My friends I was with made some purchases, so I got the vicarious crafte faire experience. And when I looked at the homemade soap and shampoos, I was like, "I have more than enough soap and shampoos at home. Crafte faire bitches, please."


What I did buy? 5 packets of homemade hot chocolate powder (each packet makes 4-5 cups of hot chocolate) for $13. That's $1.92 per cup, which is far less than Starbucks, so there. Frugalish, I think. And also SO YUMMY!

They lured me in with their free samples, especially as my mouth was rotting from a free sample of raw trail mix served by a very cute beardy man (*Note to self: even if the salesman is cute and beardy, bear in mind that YOU DO NOT LIKE TRAIL MIX)

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