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Day 339: Why losing weight is NOT frugal (... and gaining weight isn't either!)


Love this! The Daily Mail posted a bunch of vintage weight-gain ads,
from back when woman aspired to be more Joan Holloway and less Olive Oyl.

Gaining and losing weight is not good for minimalism or frugality (or, I guess, for your health, but I wouldn't know about that).

Without getting into too much detail, I've been a variety of sizes over the past 4 years, going from size 8 to size 14 to size 8 to size 14 again (and size 10 and 12 in between - I didn't wake up one day 3 sizes larger/smaller, obviously).

And this has been kind of a financial mess for me, particularly considering my obsession with having nice clothes. When I was size 14 the first time, I was like, "Great! This is how big I will now be forever," and I got rid of my smaller stuff. And then I was suddenly size 10, so I bought some new size 10 clothes, and then I was size 12... etc., etc.


This is not good for a variety of the oft-quoted financial tips like: spend more money on quality clothes you'll wear a lot (because I wound up spending money on quality clothes in size 8, 10, 12, and 14); get rid of clothes that no longer fit you (which was fine when I was size 8 and got rid of the 14's, but then when I was size 14 again, nothing fit).

Anyway. I'm currently size 14 again (a size that fits me nicely, I think) and I'm kind of terrified to go to the gym in case I start shrinking again, which means all of my nice clothes will stop fitting and I will have to spend more money. At the same time, there are still some remnants of my size 8 wardrobe lurking around, waiting for me to try and squeeze into them and feel bad about my size.


I was reminded about all of this when I realized that my great merino wool thermals are from my size 8 days, and tightly-fitting woollens are less effective when you can't get the pants on past your knees. And I bought really good thermals (New Zealand merino wool!) so it sucks they don't fit anymore. I bought some new ones today (size 14) and I refuse to buy any more. If I shrink again - great, I'll pull out the 8s. If I shrink just a little, the size 14 will still work, just being a big baggy.

So anyway. That is my advice - if you must lose weight, make sure it never comes back. Or if you gain weight, don't lose it again. Basically, enjoy the size you are, buy some nice clothes, and save some money. That's my plan for 2012!

(*For more of these fun vintage weight-gain ads, check out this article at The Daily Mail)


~Carla~ said...

Some of us are destined to be twiggy, others not so much. lol! When I lost weight 2+ yrs. ago I wore my sz.10's for SOO long cause I wanted to be sure I wasn't going to regain. I finally bought s.5/7's and lost again! I had to rebuy all my clothes AGAIN. I'm now a sz.0/2 (please don't shoot me) but I'm just very lean & tall. I've been at this weight for the last year and a half... I don't diet, but because of my very clean, unprocessed diet, I just don't gain weight. I totally agree with your post... Find your "natural" set point and stay there!! lol!

Briana @ 20 and Engaged said...

I'm working on losing weight then staying there (at least until I get pregnant). I have about 30-40 pounds to lose. I've gotten rid of all my clothes since I was that size, and I'll probably have to replenish my wardrobe then too. For now, I'm just going to stick to a few pieces.

Harri @ TotallyMoney said...

I think a lot of it also comes down to how you feel (emotion wise) in your clothes.

I have gone up one dress size since my uber exercise crazy days (I know, I know- not much to complain about really) and I can fit into a fair amount of my wardrobe...but I feel rubbish when I try on an outfit that looked great back in my stick insect days and, shall we say, a lot clingier these days.

Dismal, I then rush out and buy a new dress.

I guess it comes down to how comfortable you feel in yourself and your clothes as well. Sometimes you just have to man up.

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