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Day 338: The Great Bread Experiment, Part One


What do I have in common with the Duchess of Cambridge?
A love of scarves and, oh yes, GROCERY SHOPPING!!

I got to go buy groceries today! AHHHHH SO EXCITING

As a recap: I had a $148 grocery budget for November, and was already overspent, so I didn't buy any groceries all this past week. Now, on top of the broken-lasagne-noodles-and-cheese dinner, I can add The Boiled Egg Fiasco to the list of lowlights of this past week.


The Boiled Egg Fiasco!

So, having run out of bread (and crackers), I tried to figure something out to pack for lunch today. As I learned when I was living on the Food Bank diet a few months ago, peanut butter sandwiches can get you by for a long time - but now once you're out of bread.

So, I boiled two eggs to bring for lunch today. I got to work and was unpeeling them when I realized, too late, that they hadn't been boiled all the way. They were solid, but the yolk wasn't all that light yellow colour that yolks go when they're cooked... so I ate basically egg whites for lunch. With salt and pepper.


It was, suffice it to say, not the most fun lunch ever.
Also: not the most filling lunch ever.

ANYWAY, after work, I FINALLY got go to buy groceries today. Meat! Vegetables! Cheese! Milk! Quality Street chocolates! (this is a non-negotiable and vital part of my Christmas season experience) And then I was in the bread section, and I was like, hey wait. I don't need to *buy* bread. I have all the stuff at home to MAKE bread! (Except for a bread pan - I bought one of those at the store, but it was just $6.99 so that's a total investment purchase)


Hello, old friends.

I have tomorrow off work, so I am going to venture into the rustic, pioneer/hippie world of bread making. This is not entirely new to me - I once made a baguette using a recipe from the Ratatouille kid's cookbook. I have a vague memory of punching dough, leaving it to rise in a bowl with a tea towel on top of it, and many hours of waiting.

So anyway, that's what's up tomorrow: The Great Bread Experiment. Wish me luck! (and feel free to leave me tips and/or links to helpful recipes and/or websites)


Serendipity said...

I have never made bread before but I'm super jealous because its suppose to be loads cheaper. Can you make me bagels?

Anonymous said...

The Frugal Girl makes lots of bread. Here's one of many links from her site:

You can also search her 'Baking' category posts.

Good luck!


katy p said...

I've been making all our bread for years! Love it. Chuck Hughes has a quick bread recipe that's good in a pinch if you need to whip it up on a heavier but still good. i recommend using milk and hot water for the starter, and to butter the top when it is just out of the oven for a crispy crust. also when the dough is rising, try turning on your oven to 350 for a few minutes, then turn it off and pop your ovenproof bowl in there with a damp tea towel on top to let it rise. and bagels are pretty simple...a bit more time consuming because of the boiling but once you master the whole rising yeast thing the rest is just following a recipe. good luck!! nomnom!

B&S said...

I was going to recommend the Frugal Girls's site, but it looks like someone already did. She has lots of tips. Have fun!

lifeisfullofsunnydays said...

My Aunt recommended that you let the flour "rest" for about 30-45 mins after mixing all the ingredients together before kneading. This is suppose to make kneading easier.

Andree said...

check out this recipe for 30 minute dinner rolls:

With the elevation of the canadian prairies, it's actually 45 minutes from putting yeast & milk together to hot buns from the oven... perfect timing to throw together a blended veggie soup (also, a super frugal & tasty meal!)

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