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Day 354: Christmas = the best/worst time of year for shopaholics


Every year at Christmastime, I buy lots of amazeballs stuff for my sisters. Sweaters, jeans, eyeshadow palettes, nail polish, hair supplies... except they're totally for me, not them.

But at Christmastime, everybody assumes you're shopping for other people which means you can buy tons of stuff and not feel judged. For instance, today I got lured into Lush (which smells nice and is a great, fair-trade store, and the salespeople are MASTER MANIPULATORS and I was buying a basketfull of "stocking stuffers" before I knew what was happening). The salesgirl was demo'ing one of their shampoo bars, and was like, "Who are you buying for?" I said, "My sister, whose hair is just like mine, so what would you suggest for her/me?"(*Note: one of my sisters does have the same hair as me, but I'm pretty sure that a shampoo bar is probably not something she'd enjoy.)


Full disclusure: I have never gotten anything gift-wrapped for myself.
But why not, come to think of it?
No, that's silly.
... or is it?

A few years ago, I was out spending my Christmas money (received from my Aunt to buy my own gift) and I decided to get an oversized black sweater. I went into a fancypants store and was looking around, and they were like, "Hi! Who are you buying for today?" I was like, "My sister. I want an oversized sweater that would look super cute with skinny jeans!" (*Note: no other member of my immediate family would ever even say the words "skinny jeans," or "super cute," let alone wear skinny jeans)

Another time, I was in a store where I know which size pants to buy because I buy their clothes all the time, and so I grabbed a pair of jeans and some t-shirts and went up to buy them. Yes, I got a gift receipt. I probably wore them myself the next day.

The Biebs knows what I'm talking about, right, The Biebs?
You didn't buy all of those PS3's for your entourage and Selena, right?
I bet he got one for himself, too.

So... it's a slippery slope, I suppose. But really, the stores are all full of "buy 2 get 1 free!" and "get 7 for $27!" and suddenly you're inventing relatives you look just like you and who really like sparkley nail polish and suddenly it's a full on "treat yo'self!" situation.

I behaved myself, though (mostly) this year. And I was in Sephora, and found out that the ginormous makeup palette of amazingness is actually not as insane as it looks online - the little pots of eyeshadow are quite little, so it's not like full-sized products or anything. Actually, it looks quite practical for $49.50. You know, if you felt like buying me something... or maybe I can get it for my sister?

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