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Day 337: November wrap-up


Like the character played by Emma Stone in "The Help," I totally wrote a book.
Also, we both have red hair and glasses.

You guys!! I just finished my NaNoWriMo novel, and it was 50,109 words, and I did it in a month, and that feels pretty darn good. It will be quite a bit less good-feeling if and when I go back and try and wrangle it into any sort of sensible narrative, but whatevs. I have now deservedly won the "I Won NaNoWriMo 2011!" shirt that I may have bought mid-month as a way to force myself to finish.

Now, just like Snooki, I have written a novel.
We now have even more in common than our collections of false lashes and a love of leopard print.

Anyway, I had other challenges in November. There was NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) which really wasn't much of a challenge, seeing as how I have posted a blog everyday all year so I'm fully in the habit of posting. But still, I did that too! Golf claps.

And then... right. The financial goal. My second month of working within a $148 grocery budget. And how did I do? (... drumroll please)

$14.52 overspent

Which is nearly $10 better than last month! (When I was $23.30 overspent on my grocery budget) I'll be working with the same budget for December ($148) and maybe this time, I'll actually stay within it! And then maybe in January I'll start shrinking the budget... or maybe I'll just go one month at a time and not get ahead of ourselves here.


La la la la la. I get to go buy groceries now, not just play around on the shopping carts.

Anyway, I have to admit, this past week (which I've spent overspent in groceries and therefore going grocery-shopping-less) has been quite challenging. Luckily, I have experience from doing the Food Basket Challenge and have learned to make the most of what I have. When I ran out of small-ish noodles, I made macaroni-and-cheese with broken up shards of lasagne noodles instead of macaroni. When I ran out of bread, I began eating peanut butter on crackers, instead of peanut butter sandwiches. Suffice it to say, I'm pretty psyched to buy ACTUAL FOOD AGAIN.

And now for scrambled eggs for dinner! Gourmet time.


Niki said...

I am so glad you completed you book.

Even though you overspent on groceries, I think that is a reasonable amount.

shoppingtosaving said...

Congrats!:)Lasagne noodles in macaroni, that's quite interesting. I think I'll have to try that.

Serendipity said...

Yay for your book and yay for your budget!

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