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Day 335: Makeup for LIFE! FOR LIFE!

So, I don't know why exactly, but the end of the year is when all of the stores pull out the BIG GUNS and suddenly there are so many fabulous deals going on.

Is it because people don't buy as many gifts, so stores started adding items for shoppers to buy for themselves? Is it because they're selling so much full-price stuff, they can afford to haul out other, cheap sale stuff?

But anyway, for whatever reason, may I present the most INSANELY AMAZING DEAL that I have ever seen in my life, ever:

The Sephora Makeup Studio Blockbuster - $49.50!!!!

Seriously, you guys. 197 products for $49.50 - a $440 value. Did I mention $49.50? It includes 96 eye shadow shades, 84 lip glosses, 8 eyeliners, 3 blushes, 1 bronzer, 1 mascara aaand 4 applicators.

Math homework is hard: That's like $0.25 per product. PER PRODUCT!


Seriously, with this (travel-sized!) palette, you could do any YouTube makeup tutorial EVER. ANY OF THEM. EVER!

But me, personally? I guess maybe I don't need 96 more eyeshadows. So one of you guys should get this. You know, take one for the team.

I also wouldn't mind getting one for a Christmas pressie...?


Anonymous said...

I saw this too, thought it was a typo...

My money, my life said...

I think these kind of kits may seem like a good deal, but they are only a good deal if you're actually going to use a significant amount of the colours. So they're most suitable for makeup beginners who have nothing in their arsenal and want to experiment with colours, or makeup artists. For everyday users, it's unlikely that all, or even most, of the colours will get used, and these things tend to dry out fast. I personally have never used up a palette before, so I guess it would last me a lifetime, lol

fabulouslyfrugirl said...

Even though this seems to be a great deal, I agree with MYML that it might not be as practical as it seems.

Likely, you'd only use a few colours, so I think that it might make more sense to determine the colours that you actually like and use and purchase palettes that contain those. However, if this palette has all those, then maybe you really are set for life! ;)

NGS said...

Right on. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this might not be the best deal if you're only going to end up using a few shades!! Plus, makeup does go bad, right? So how could you use all of it before it expires unless you're an awesome makeup artist?!

Annabelle said...

Word, you guys. It's an amazing deal, but I would never, ever, ever, ever use all of this stuff. Really, I need like 3 new colours of eyeshadow - which I could probably also get for $49.

Y'all are so smart sometimes, honestly.

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