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Day 334: 'Tis the season link luuurve


Ho ho ho! (... and ho and ho)

Niki from Debt Free By 30, DIY crafter goddess, has some amazing ideas to wrap gifts without using wrapping paper.

Find me Frugal(er) isn't big into gift-giving (which I totes don't understand!) so she brought in a guest expert to offer these tips for frugal gift-giving.

Super Frugalette has a fun list of ways to save money in under an hour! Sounds good to me!

Budget or Fudget is also in the spirit of the season, with this good explanation to decide who gets a giftie and who doesn't. (No, she doesn't judge you on your naughtiness or niceness)

Girl Next Door Guide to Finance has the same problem as me - I keep finding Christmas presents... for myself.

aDDCtions (a new, very fun librarian-gameplaying-nerdy blog that may be written by someone I may be dating) wrote this great piece about What Happened to Buy Nothing Day? And it's true, I barely heard anything about it this year, despite it being the 20th anniversary, and despite how you'd think that all of the #Occupy peeps would be sounding the horn about it.

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