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Day 333: The Muppets movie review (spoiler: IT'S THE BEST MOVIE EVER)

If I owned this amazeballs Muppet-print dress, you know I'd be wearing it right now.
And to bed. And tomorrow. And then to work on Monday.
Where did Katy Perry get this dress, anyway? Hmm...

You guys, all I can think of is how I saw The Muppets today and how IT IS THE MOST DELIGHTFUL FILM EVER!

Muppets! Celebrity cameos! Amy Adams and Jason Segel, possibly the sweetest actors in the world currently! Songs, written by Bret from Flight of the Conchords!! Amy Adams' HAIR AND WARDROBE, which are 50s retro and ADORABLE and I want every cute dress and skirt and pair of shoes and eyeliner and lipgloss she wears in this film.

I will always luuurve the Muppets themselves, but Amy Adams' outfits in this movie?

I went, getting in the spirit with my OPI Muppet nailpolish (Pepe's Purple Passion, with Rainbow Connection glitter layered on top) and was just spellbound.

Muppet! Nail polish! MUPPET NAIL POLISH!
Frugal things about this: I used points to get into the movie free! I have the kind of debit card that gives you movie points whenever you buy stuff, and apparently I've done enough holiday shopping that I got a free movie!

Non-frugal things about this: Somehow, the popcorn lobby has so firmly implanted the idea of movie+popcorn in my brain that I am unable to watch a movie without popcorn. And if you're buying popcorn, why not get a drink... etc. That being said, I draw a firm line against getting nachos or hot dogs or pizza at the movies. Come on, that's just weird. And kinda gross - whenever cheese product comes out of a pump, or hot dogs spin around for years in one of those heater things - it's far enough removed from actual food that even I (Annabelle "Ice cream for supper!" Detox) wouldn't eat it.

And I did get 10% off the popcorn because of my movie points card. Yeah, ok, the popcorn was a frugal fail. But so tasty!

1 comment:

~Carla~ said...

I'm going to take my girls to see this soon, glad to hear its a good movie! :)

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