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Day 332: Black Friday shopping report

Did y'all have fun on Buy Nothing Day/ Black Friday? Come on, share your stories and give me some vicarious shopping fun.

I was talking about the whole Black Friday thing (which still really sounds like the day of a terrible mass murder or something) at work and my co-workers and I all agreed that we are totes willing to spend 25% more if it means we don't have to a) line up for stuff and b) be in a really, really full store.

It's kind of like the extreme coupon thing. Yes, I could sign up for emails of sales and deals, and grab one of the flyers from the front of my building, and clip coupons -- but I'm happy to pay an extra $1.99 on a thing of orange juice if it means that I get some extra time for myself and I don't have to obsessively organize a folder of coupons.


That being said, I think that vintage coupons could be framed and made into really cute wall decorations and/or printed out and made into really cute wrapping paper.

I guess that's not just extreme couponing, that's like, normal couponing that I'm not sure a fan of. For me, I like simple shopping: choose the cheaper brand of whatever thing you're looking for, buy only as much as you actually need, and then use everything you buy. And why are coupons always for like, mouthwash and strange kinds of dental floss and pre-packaged cookies and things I don't really buy?

I mean, the whole point of coupons is - I think - to get people to buy stuff they don't usually buy. So really, it's encouraging people to spend more money on stuff that's not really on their shopping list (aside from the extreme couponers, whose shopping lists are exclusively things they have coupons for).

But what do I know? I'm just a girl with a lot of debt, too much nailpolish, and who may have bought a pair of pleather jeggings ("jeather pants") today in a Black Friday sale. But, to be fair, I read an article that said when you're in your 30s (which I am, barely) you're supposed to wear leather pants instead of jeans. So these are actually something that I'm legally and morally obligated to own. And pleather's cheaper than leather. And they were 40% off. And I can wear them to work (OK, I totally can't wear them to work) (I actually might) (Sexxxy librarian!)

See, frugal icon Lauren Conrad shows that it's not sleazy to wear jeather pants.
I'm so sorry that's what they're called. 


~Carla~ said...

Nothing against jeggings, or jeathers, or any other type of pants, but it does make me shake my head when girls wear crop to's with them... Eek!

I would LOVE for you to do a fashion faux pas post!! :)

~Carla~ said...

Crop TOPS that would be... ;)

FB @ said...

That cat picture is awesome.

I have also been batting around the idea of leather leggings, but ultimately I think my legs would sweat too much in them and I'd feel awkward.. it's my style.. but not my style, if that makes sense.

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