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Day 330: My (fake) very busy social calendar of fabulous martini parties


Also: how, exactly, did her underpants fall down? 
Why are pin-up girls so accident-prone?

So, observant blog reader Ness (check her blog here!) alerted me to the fact that something had gone awry with my RSS and y'all may not have been notified that I have been writing posts these last few days! Go ahead and catch up down there, I wrote some very silly things the last 4 days.

I'll be here when you get back.



Hi, welcome back. So, the thing is: I WANT THIS DRESS SO. MUCH.

But... you know the thing about how you should shop for Tuesday afternoon, not for Saturday night? This isn't even a dress for Saturday night. I really can't think of a single ACTUAL occasion where I wouldn't look like an insane Carrie Bradshaw/Grace Kelly/ballerina wannabe crazy loon in this outfit.

BUT I can think of a gajillion IMAGINARY situations where this would work:

1) Invited to attend a Cannes film premiere with George Clooney
2) Fundraiser for a ballet company
3) "Dress like ballerina bride Barbie" dance party
4) "Dress like a cupcake" dance party
5) High class fancy Christmas party at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce
6) OK, any date-type situation with Don Draper
7) Being a bride at a ballet-themed wedding
8) Audrey Hepburn wedding dress Halloween costume theme party
9) The Nutcracker themed Lady Gaga's Workshop Barney's New York opening

... BUT at my own work Christmas party? This would look insane (and I would probably spill food on it). To work? Um, crazy librarian says no. Fancy dinner? I would be looked at by the waiters as a crazy person (and I would probably spill food on it)

Hello, fellow librarians and other library staff workers. I'm just here for the turkey buffet.
What? I look like a crazy Audrey Hepburn version of Miss Havisham? HOW DARE YOU?

So, frugal brain and common sense says no. But my shopaholic brain says OH LORD YES. This is an occasion where I need to just ignore the shopaholic brain (and also avoid the store selling this dress because seeing it in person??? I would lose any of the small amount of willpower I currently possess.

To calm myself down, I have decided to dye my hair redder using drugstore dye - because sometimes giving yourself a sparkley manicure still doesn't cure what ails you (in this case: the obsessive desire to buy a white 50s tutu cocktail dress). (Also: drugstore dye is way cheaper than salon dye. I'm sorry, hairdresser friends. Sometimes you need to cheaply dye your hair)

I'm excited for the hair dye!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Because I am so very frugal I actually bought my dress for the library party LAST MAY! It was on super-duper cheap at Kohl's when we were down in Bismarck doing our annual Victoria Day weekend shop (which is always fun because you get to try to explain to Americans why we would get a holiday to celebrate some dead British queen...). was a great deal so I snapped it up and have it hanging in wait for months and months...

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