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Day 329: Lessons from Bea Danville: Eye Makeup

Copyright 1956 by Wilfred Funk, Inc. 

So, when I was a teenager, my fabulous mother gifted me with this genius vintage book: Dress Well on $1 a Day by Bea Danville. I can't believe I left it behind when I moved, but my mother graciously sent it along to me so that I could remind myself of this wisdom.

And now, I share this wisdom with all of you.

Today's lesson : Eye Makeup

It is interesting to observe that today's classic beauty is immortalized in a statue over two thousand years old. Queen Nefertiti of Egypt, pictures of whose slant-eyed features you must have seen many times, is the epitome of modern beauty. As you may have noticed, she is made up to the eyes - literally. [Oh, Bea Danville, you do know how to bring the LOLZ]

The Egyptian princesses used make-up heavily, particularly around their eyes. Naturally, modern beauty products differ somewhat, though less than you would imagine, from those discovered in the ancient sarcophagi buried in the Tombs of Gizeh in Egypt. [Whoa, now B-Dans is bringing the historical facts!] 

But it is interesting to note that modern eye make-up so parallels that of ancient Egypt that kohl, the most important preparation for beautifying the eyes of the Egyptian lovelies, is on the market even today, although naturally in a more refined form. [Also a CUTER form! If Nefertiti had known about Sephora, she would have been all over it.]
When I was a child at boarding school, no matter how much we might dislike the food, the rule at mealtimes was always to take "a little of everything." [Whoa, now Bea is bringing the personal history! I wish there was a second volume, all about her years in boarding school] This might very well be the slogan for eye make-up, particularly in the daytime. 

Restraining your eye make-up calls for discipline. It is so tempting to go gaily ahead with the eyebrow pencil, over-accentuating the line of the brow and the eyelash line, and to glue the eyelashes together with mascara. [I totes agree. That is why you should go to lots of costume parties.] Use only a little of everything, and hold back the eye shadow for your evening glamour. ["Evening glamour" is the name of my forthcoming perfume!] The result will be sparkling and alluring but not vamp-like. ["Sparkling and alluring but not vamp-like" is the name of my forthcoming nail polish collection!]

Remember that gently does it. You are merely improving what Nature blessed you with, not trying to do over her handiwork.

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Ness said...

Hey, just a note. I love reading your blog :) However, for the past few days it hasn't been notifying me on my ereader that you had new posts up. It also wasn't coming up on other people's blog pages (like Red's side panels). Maybe you changed something or blogger did? Maybe you've noticed your page has been viewed less? Just a little notification lol..

Btw, I totally getting the self-control issue with eye makeup. Sometimes I just want to do false eyelashes lol...but normal people do not do that for a regular work day and it's a little crazy for school :)

Annabelle said...

Oh noes! Thanks for the heads-up, Ness. I *believe* that I've fixed the issue (some rogue images with weird coding) and everything should be synched up now.

But now everybody gets surprise four days of posts! It's like bonus Shopping Detox!

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