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Day 327: Dr. Zhivago fur hats link luuurve

OK, I think that the perfect winter fashion template is the movie Dr Zhivago.
See, you can still be glamorous when ENTIRELY COVERED IN FUR.
Dr. Zhivago's ears look cold, though. I recommend a hat with ear flaps.

You guys. It's so cold here. Remember how hot it was here in the summer? IT'S EVEN COLDER NOW THAN IT WAS HOT THEN.

Lessons learned today: wearing two layers of thermal leggings doesn't make your legs warm. The crucial missing ingredient is PANTS. I really need to listen to my own advice.

Here's some more advice we should all listen to!

More Dr. Zhivago fur gorgeousness. But again, Omar Sharif (and his hot 'stache) thinks bare ears are OK for Siberia. Fun fact: did you know that where I live is the same latitude as Siberia? BRING ON THE (faux) FUR!

My Thirty Spot is single-handedly helping me gain helpful winter weight (to keep me warm) with their weekly INSANELY YUMMY-SOUNDING brunch recipes. Check this one: pumpkin cinnamon rolls with maple cream cheese frosting. Y'all know I'm sold on anything pumpkin-flavoured.

I'm stoked to see that I'm not the only car-free blogger in the universe: Carla from My 1/2 Dozen Daily is happy to be car-free, too! (And she has like, 2 dozen kids, so if she can do it anybody can)

Niki from Debt Free by Thirty shows us the financial mistakes she used to make. I want to be Niki when I grow up, except for the whole me-being-older-than-her thing.

Another blogger I want to be when I grow up, despite her being younger than me, is Katie from Girl with the Red Balloon! She learned the hard way about how credit cards can be dangerous when used unwisely.

I just really wanted to add another picture of Julie Christie here from Dr Zhivago.
Luuurve the fur hat, sideswept bangs (crucial for wintertime!) and the nude lip.

And y'all know that everything Gail Vaz-Oxlade says is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH. I liked this blog about how you pay affects what you eat.

Aaaaand my friend Jenny from You Were Going to be Fantastic has a fun new venture - she's writing a choose-your-own-adventure young adult novel (about time-travelling to Mexico in the 90s and meeting CUTE BOYS!) and we all get to vote on what happens next! Check out Fiction Express for the deets on her work-in-progress, Falling Backwards.

PS -- two amazeballs contests are going on and you guys should totes enter. I'm all about the Amazon gift card prizes - uber useful during Christmas gift-giving season! So check out the prize draw at Sustainable Personal Finance (co-sponsored by Prairie Eco-Thrifter where you can win an IPAD!! and other fun things) and Young and Thrifty's 2 Year Blogversary draw (you can win $100 Visa Gift Card and... oh, what's this? A STARBUCKS GIFT CARD!!)


Niki said...

Thanks for the love.

Okay I am super excited about the create your own adventure. That is so cool.

jennysararyan said...

thanks for the mention, annabelle!

@niki -- i'm totally excited about the create your own adventure story, too. also kind of nervous, as i'm the one who has to write it. but mostly excited! hope you stop by to read it.

Red said...

Aww! :-D Thanks, lady!

~Carla~ said...

I think I want a big PINK fur hat! Tell me, how awesome would I look in one of those?!? lol! And umm... I think you mean 3 dozen kids... D'uh! :P

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