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Day 326: Tips for winter fashion when it's HELL ASS COLD


It's tempting to hibernate like our little squirrel friends, but that's just not an option.
Actually, I don't think this squirrel is hibernating properly.

Hey guys. Sorry about the vague, considered-by-some-to-be profanity above. But COME ON! It's -23 today with the windchill (that's -9 to my American friends with the odd temperatures) and I'm SO COLD.

(*Note: I'm not technically cold at the moment, because my building has a radiator in the building and I have no control over the temperature, so it's actually quite a bit warmer than I'd like in my apartment right now. This is also one of the reasons I have to skim over any finance articles that say "Turn down your thermostat to save money!" because, ha, I wish I could)

Anyway. It's SO COLD and I have a few updates to my recent list of ways to look cute when it's cold out:

The sillier the hat, the warmer you will feel! 

I'm rocking out in this one:

I got this beauty at American Eagle for $35 WELL SPENT DOLLARS.
That's like pennies per piece of faux-fur.

The best part is that, when you see me head on it's just glasses, a little face, fur, and a pom-pom. The furriness of the hat obscures most of the hat. I don't know why the pom-pom stands straight up: this is part of the enigmatic mystery of the hat. I totes recommend this hat, or any others like it.

You can still wear cute tights when it's below 0!

I remembered today a thing I read once from the costume guy from Gossip Girl, you know, the show where they swan around in minidresses and sandals in the middle of January, because apparently really shiny hair repels the cold.

Cute tights on an Upper East Side afternoon.
The lack of hats, though, gives away the fact that they are really robots, and not real people.
That, or, they filmed these scenes in like, August.

He suggests wearing a pair of tights the same colour as your legs (for me, white! for others, probably tan or brown), and then your cute tights on top. It won't add bulk to your legs, but it will make it so you can still wear cute tights when it's HELL ASS COLD.


And a cheeseburger, while we're at it. 

Cheap hot drinks!

For the next little while, at Starbucks they're having a buy-one-get-one-free deal from 2pm-5pm on their holiday drinks (i.e. my beloved pumpkin spice lattes, eggnog lattes, and other things that sound yummy). So bring a friend and split the cost and save money!

Or, stay home and make your own hot drinks. Personally, I have graduated from homemade peppermint hot chocolate (a TINY drop of peppermint extract is all it takes, honest) to homemade decaf lattes. Progress! (Yes, I used to work in a coffeeshop, but to be fair, I hardly have professional barista tools at home to work with)


Ahhhhh. Nothing like a hot drink in a hot mug to warm the hands.
Like mittens, but so much yummier.

Don't be too proud to dress warmly!!

So, today waiting for the bus I was wearing: THE HAT, woolly scarf, wool coat, armwarmers, felted mittens, leggings inside of pants, warm socks, and winter boots.

The 18-year-old girl also waiting for the bus was wearing: NO HAT, a thin jacket, and her hands in her pockets. She didn't even think to put her jacket's hood up over her head!

Did she look cuter than me? Yes. But I was WARMER THAN HER, and therefore, I win.


OK, come on. She's got tights and gloves but no SLEEVES?
Won't anybody think about the poor, hypothermic models?

Seriously, though. I remember being a teen, when wearing hats and winter clothes were seen as social suicide. What's that all about? I see teens wandering around like fools in hoodies and fingerless gloves, like catching hypothermia increases your social status. Suck it up, buttercups!

Cats are better than hot water bottles!


At the very least, they are cuter. And furrier.

Cats are very handy to have this time of year. Coming home to my little furry pal and her amazing, hot-water-bottle-but-better leg warming services is so great. Plus, when it's HELL ASS COLD outside, I feel less bad about her being an indoor cat (she hates the snow and cold).


~Carla~ said...

Ummm... Isn't that a sugar-glider? Just sayin'... ;)

As for teenagers... Yah, they're idiots. lol! They walk around here in shorts still... and it's COLD.

cjv said...

Snow skirts are cute, warm, and practical.

You have a mid weight wool skirt

And toast skirt with insulation and water/wind proofness for when it gets really cold.

And you support small Canadian businesses!

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