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Day 325: Soap + nuts = soap nuts!

So, awhile ago I blogged about how coins are kind of annoying and useless. But what's greatest about coins is that, kind of like bank accounts, when you leave them alone for awhile suddenly there are so many that they are worth real money!

Coins are also useful to make fun shoes to make you feel like a bellydancer!

Anyway, I was being all like, "I have no money AHHHHHHH I have run out of socks AHHHHHH I can't even afford to do laundry AHHHHHH!" (it costs $2.25 to wash and $2.25 to dry in my building -- yes, I know, HIGHWAY ROBBERY, but when the alternative is just being gross and smelly, I do what I must)

Sooo I decided to roll up my martini shaker full of coins (what, isn't that where you store your coins?). I had to figure out where to buy coin rollers from, since that seems like the polite way to bring coins to the bank (my city doesn't have those magic machines that add up your coins for you... we have Sephora and American Apparel, but apparently aren't cosmopolitan enough for coin sorting machines.)

I'll have my coins shaken, not stirred. Actually, I'll have them rolled. THX!

For the record: drugstores (at least the one I went to) don't sell coin rollers. However, I got a bag of loads of them from Wal-Mart for $1. And I rolled and rolled (while watching episodes of Law & Order!! Happiness) and wound up with just over $14.50 in pennies, nickels and dimes. (My quarters, loonies and toonies are separated for laundry room use, and don't make it into the martini shaker o' change)

And I happily got some bills and larger denomination coins from the credit union, and was able to do some laundry. Now, this is where it gets EVEN MORE INTERESTING! (Even more interesting than BUYING COIN ROLLERS? Yes, friends, fasten your seatbelts)

It's laundry time! (*Note: I have lived in an apartment building with a laundry for just over a year, and it's still totally novel to me to go do my laundry in the basement. I feel like Penny on The Big Bang Theory or something. The glamorous life!)

Ages and ages ago (i.e. last spring) I bought a bag of laundry detergent soap nuts, which the hippie store claimed allowed you to do laundry for pennies a wash. And this bag sat and sat as I used up my regular detergent until, this fateful day, I had no more detergent and had to rely on the nuts. But was this going to be the castille oil dish soap fiasco all over again? I hoped not...

And I have to say - the Soap Nuts website is not super useful, being that the FAQ doesn't really tell you how to use them that well. I watched some YouTube videos, however and learned that you put 4 soap nuts in a drawstring bag, toss them into your laundry, and let the magic happen. (And then Andrea from So Over Debt helped too, letting me know you can usually use the same nuts for like 4 loads - thanks, Andrea!)

Soap nuts! Nature's laundry detergent. Or something. They were on Dragon's Den! (The show where the inventors convince a panel of judges to invest in their product... I think it's called Shark Cage or something in the US)

My laundry turned out totes fine! Clean and fresh, etc. I had to find storage of the nuts, since the bag they came in is what you use to put in the wash, so now they are sitting in martini glasses and brandy snifters, next to the martini shaker o'change. I don't drink much, but I'm glad to let my barware come in handy for this.

Andrea also says you can add essential oils to the bag o'soap nuts, to make your laundry smell extra nice. And apparently they're also good for people with allergies. And they're environmentally friendly! (I learned this, as their website has lots of info about how they harvest the soap nuts [and very little info about how to use the nuts])

Blah blah. A bag of maybe like 100 nuts was like $12, which does work out to pennies a wash. Frugal, fun, and makes you feel kind of like a hippie do-gooder. That's a win for me!


Andrea @SoOverDebt said...

If you go to the Laundry Tree website, there's a ton of info about the care and feeding of soap nuts. That's where I ordered mine from.

Christine said...

You can actually get coin rollers for free from the bank, but at least you didn't spend a ton on them.

Joy said...

I make my own laundry detergent. SUPER easy and amazingly cheap! I actually like it better than any other I have tried.

FB @ said...

FYI re: laundry detergent

Try not using any at all and look at the difference.

Frankly, I haven't used detergent in years and I haven't had a problem with my clothes since.

read: Laundry Secret: I don't use detergent 99% of the time

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