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Day 324: How frugal is the $500 Law & Order box set?


So... a few weeks ago, the complete series of Law & Order (original recipe) was released in the World's Biggest DVD Box Set. Now, $500 for DVDs may seem like a lot, but it actually works out to be quite frugal.

(*Note: the most frugal thing is to use underhanded means to download, but then do you get the booklet? The cute box that goes CHUNK CHUNK when you open it [**OK, it doesn't actually make that noise, but how cute would that be?]?)

Anyway, this is 20 seasons (about 24 episodes per season) for $500 - that's about $25 per season. By contrast, one season on iTunes currently goes for $34.99. So already, you're saving $10+ per season. And some of the seasons included in this box set haven't been released before anyway.

I love you Jerry Orbach!! RIP :(

I luuurve Law & Order (you might have noticed). Around 2000, A&E was showing original recipe episodes of Law & Order every night at midnight, and I used to stay awake at night and watch them everyday. What's great (and comforting) about the Law & Order formula is that - aside from some special episodes - it's always one-half cops, one-half lawyers, lots of CHUNK CHUNK sounds, ending with some sort of wry joke.

Unlike box sets of some other shows (like, I don't know, Melrose Place or Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman or The Wire or Friday Night Lights or whatever), you can pop in literally any episode of Law & Order and follow the story from start to end. There are long-term plotlines that fans can enjoy, but you can always just enjoy it as an episodic procedural without that feeling of "Ooh, now I need to watch the next episode!" It's the TV version of comfort food.

Did I mention I love Jerry Orbach? SWOON!

And the ability to watch an episode of L&O anytime - either to sit and enjoy it, or to have it in the background while you're cooking or doing laundry or whatever - is totes worth it to me. OK, I didn't actually buy this myself, but my Frugal Companion bought it and so I now have access to L&O episodes anytime. (Hahahaha, so it's free for me! = extra frugal)

I'm currently going through seasons 18, 19 and 20 because I want to see how it all ends. Plus, I really like the character of Cutter, played by Linus Roache.

I mean, he's no Jerry Orbach but... he's a step up from Sam Waterston.
Just sayin'.

Blah blah blah. You should totes either buy this box set as a giftie for yourself, or a great gift for for ANYBODY. Be forewarned: this is 20 seasons of show. The box set is GIGANTIC, but I guess you can also use it as furniture if you want.


~Carla~ said...

That's insane... lol! I never watch tv shows twice... Even most movies I won't rewatch. My BFF buys boxed sets of tv shows & has "marathons" (aka: sit on your ass watching tv for hours while doing NOTHING else) and my brain would freeze I'm sure... lol!

Kerry said...

First off, the price it is now is more frugal than the $700 it was listed at last summer when it came out. Your other option is to have cable and DVR episodes of L&O in syndication, which would be as expensive, but would not have resale value.

Second, Jerry Orbach--okay, young Jerry Orbach is HOT. Old Jerry/Lennie was not bad either. And did you know he wrote daily love letters to his wife? She published them a couple of years ago.

I usually use Netflix for my series watching, but L&O is the one instance where I have been tempted to buy the box set.

Your Frugal Companion is quite the catch!

Stephanie said...

And think of all the money you'll save by not having to go out, now that you have an infinite supply of L&O for entertainment! (And I totally heard the "chunk chunk" every time I read it in this post.)

Lindy Mint said...

When my husband and I were dating we used to meet up at his house every Wednesday night, order greasy pizza, and watch Law & Order. Good times, good memories. How awesome your frugal friend bought them!

FB @ said...


I wish they'd come out with the Criminal Intent box set... it's my favourite series of L&O

MLISunderstanding said...

I LOVE Law & Order: SVU, but I'd never pay that much for the past seasons. I've watched nearly 8 seasons' worth on Netflix in the past month -- they play in the background while I'm doing schoolwork or surfing the web. And the cost? The first month was free, and I've just paid $7.99 for the second month. Even if I ONLY watched SVU (and I've had several movie nights with my sweetie and have watched episodes from maybe a dozen other shows), that's a much better value than buying the DVDs (which I wouldn't watch more than once). Plus I signed up with a link from JetBlue, so I'm getting miles/points as well!

Annabelle said...

MLISUnderstanding (nice name, btw!) - are you in Canada or the US? US Netflix has waaaaay more selection than Canada.

MLISunderstanding said...

Really? No L&O on Netflix in Canada? :( (I'm new to Netflix, like I said, so I didn't know about that.) And a quick look at Hulu Plus shows only SVU episodes available. Bummer!

Annabelle said...

Yes, Canadian Netflix is kind of a hoax of a sham. Good for old episode of Doctor Who and obscure romantic comedies, but not much else. Hence - the relative frugality of the L&O box set. At least for me :)

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