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Day 323: How to look cute when it's FREEZING FREEZING COLD


Audrey H demonstrates several key winter fashion tips:
Warm hat, bangs and a warm coat.

So... winter, right? I don't know what it's like where you live, but out here in the hinterlands, I went to sleep and it was cool-ish, and woke up and it was FREEZING FREEZING.

And I've had to recall a number of important pointers about living the frugally fabulous life when it's SO COLD OUTSIDE YOU GUYS. (*Note: these are real tips for real winter, not like celebs who skip around Aspen in unzipped jackets and miniskirts Mariah and Nick)

Mariah and Nick say: Zipping up coats is for poor people!
  • Winter is a good time to have bangs. Your hat will smush them down flat (if you have curly bangs issues) and the bangs will keep your hat from leaving a red mark across your forehead. You're welcome!
  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! The Beauty Department ladies have more specific advice on this, but any exposed skin needs to be TAKEN CARE OF. When it's cold, it's also dry, which can wreak havoc on your hands, lips, and face. Emollient moisturizers and lip balms are KEY. Hint: put on hand and foot cream when you go to bed - your skin absorbs moisture better when you're sleeping
  • -

    You can tell this is a model and not a real person in 3 crucial ways:
    1) Hat not covering ears, 2) no mittens, 3) coat appears to be unzipped

  • A good coat and a good pair of boots are CRUCIAL. Like a good haircut and good glasses, these are items you will be wearing every day. So, this is not the time to be cutting corners and buying cheap winter clothes.
    • Boots: Thick soles (so your feet don't get cold on the bottoms - you can get lambswool insoles for extra foot warmth), good grippy treads (CRUCIAL!), waterproof (if possible)
    • Coat: Room to wear a thick sweater inside, DEPENDABLE ZIPPER (to avoid any cold weather snafus with your coat zipper jamming)
  • Contacts work better than glasses. Wearing glasses in the cold weather leads to that whole glasses-fogging-up thing which is fine occasionally, but not great if you're making a bunch of short trips (i.e. to several stores). If you are wearing glasses, have a scarf handy for wiping down the glasses post-foggage.


    And you can tell this is a model, not a real person because, I mean..
    Come on. Nice NO PANTS there, lady.
  • Your winter hat can never be too ridiculous or too warm. Much like in the summer, the bigger and sillier your sunglasses are? In the winter, whoever has the biggest, silliest, warmest hat WINS.
  • Cute new technological advances to help you this year:
  • Fashion tip: wear thermal layers (or leggings or tights) under your pants for warmth, rather than snowpants, if you prefer. It also looks cool to wear over-the-knee-socks with your winter boots - this can look cute even on top of jeans or pants. Legwarmers on top of jeans, then boots also looks super cute. 


See? Socks or legwarmers peeking out of the tops of your boots are both WARM and ADORABLE

  • While oversized Nordic-print sweaters can look adorable on the pantsless American Eagle models (and what chalet do they all live in, and how can I go visit?) they aren't that practical in everyday life. AS TEMPTING AS THEY MIGHT BE.

Seriously, do people really hang out in sweaters and no pants? Personally, I like wearing pants, especially when I'm at home and there is a risk my cat might jump on  my lap.


~Carla~ said...

You always make me! Hubby looks at me like I'm crack when I'm laughing literally out loud at your posts.. lol! Oh well, none of his business anyways! ;) :P

Niki said...

I love the legwarmer and boots idea.

I love sweater weather and all but I don't like our winters where we are. It last for like six months. It sucks. No amount of over sized sweaters makes it better. :(

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