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Day 320: How to make smart money decisions into a habit. Seriously, how?


So, I read this very smart and wise thing on Twitter today:

I remember reading stuff like this about finance too. I have developed the habit of bringing a packed lunch to work everyday, +1 frugal points. But how do you make general, overall financial smarts into a habit?

In the short term, I've done pretty good with small projects like in October, when I totally rocked the DESTROY THE OVERDRAFT budget or in September, with the Food Basket Challenge, etc. But as soon as the project is done, I have not made not-buying-stuff into a habit - it's like people who go on a diet and lose lots of weight, then the diet ends and they start eating crap again.

Diets, be they financial or food-ancial, are by definition not fun.
Fun to read about, but not fun to actually do.

So, what I need is the finance version of eating healthy, well-balanced meals (the solution for people with diet problems). Which is... just being smart with money? I wish there was a cute, fun way to do it, like a money version of the Paleo Diet or something.

Ideas? Gail V-O?


~Carla~ said...

What works for me is keeping my eyes on the prize!! You're only ever going to reach your goal if you want it bad enough!

Serendipity said...

Just like there's no easy way to lose weight, there's no easy way to have smart money habits become good ones. I've been working on it since 2008 and only now ( three years later) am I feeling better. I have weak moments still, but it's better. It takes time and hard work and being focused. What do you want out of your budget and finances?

Katy P said...

Chin up, chica. You can do this with or without gimmicks - whatever you need to do you can do it.

Anonymous said...

I think a good rule is not to be too hard on yourself. Discipline is good, but nobody is perfect. I've been working for YEARS on my saving/decluttering/smart shopping skills. Sometimes I decided I'd NEVER shop on line anymore or ONLY buy used, just to make 2 examples. Of course I didn't stick to those resolutions, and got frustrated. I slowly realised that I could stuff buy on line or new, just less often and making smarter choices (keeping my eyes open for good discounts, easier returns etc). Have I really become more frugal and savvy? Oh yes :) Perfect? Sure not.

Take on a new challenge or try again with an old one, they'll finally become habits, trust me.


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