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Day 319: Staycation Link Luuuurve


This picture has no relevance to today's post, other than I WANT THESE BOOTS AND TIGHTS SO BAD. I'm also jealous the sidewalk in this image isn't covered in slush and snow. Le sigh.

So, it's Day 3 of my 10-day Staycation and I have to say, I could totes get used to this. Bring on early retirement!

One of the great things about Staycation (besides my plans to work out 2 hours a day like Kate Middleton, the chance to catch up on seasons 1 and 2 of Modern Family, and work on my NaNoWriMo novel) is that I get a chance to catch up reading all of my favourite blogs!

Here are some highlights (*note: not all are from this past week, I have a backlog of excellent posts to share with y'alls)

The Girl Next Door's Guide to Finance posted this great article about expensive beauty looks for less - who knew that nude-coloured nailpolish makes you look richer? Are you saying that my OPI Muppet glitter polish makes me look... cheap? (Ha! Obviously it makes me look AWESOMESAUCE, but the nude polish thing is good info)

The Beauty Department ladies are quite literally always there when I need them. I just became a glasses person, and they offer this video tutorial to do makeup for glasses-wearers!

The Frugalista has a fascinating list of weird things people are stealing, since the economy went all bananacakes. (Dogs? Human hair? You guys, people are weird)

Lindy from Minting Nickels has great tips to get your Starbucks fix on the cheap. Check out the comments on this article for even more sly workarounds to ordering a super-expensive foofy drink!

And the Prairie Eco-Thrifter offers eco-friendly benefits of going vegetarian. So it saves money *and* the environment *and* is good for you? I should try this out... Maybe. For like a month or something.


The Girl Next Door said...

Thanks for the link! There is *nothing* wrong with Muppets Polish. I like Gone Gonzo the best :)

Katy P said...

I think long nails look cheap, not the polish colour. Black or coloured polish can look super chic or playful on short, slightly rounded nails - and chips look cheapo creepo too. Muppet it up!

Lindy Mint said...

Thanks for the link love! Enjoy the rest of your staycation, it sounds lovely, I'm jealous.

I like to put nude polish on my toes in the winter on the chance I wear a peep toe shoe (not very cold here). You can't tell when the nude gets chipped so you can be lazy about polishing.

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