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Day 317: Staycation, all I ever wanted PART II


Packing up a suitcase for my STAYCATION!

So, this week coming up is going to be STAYCATION '11 part 2! (Long-time readers may recall I took Staycation '11 Part 1 back in March) This is, I think the most frugal way to use up your holiday time. It is also the only way for me to use up my holiday time, as I'm busy getting rid of my overdraft and can't afford to go anywhere else.

So! Frugal plans for Staycation '11:

- Get my Kate Middleton on! I read that she works out 2 hours every day, so I will try and do that. Maybe not 2 hours per se but maybe like one hour? And at the end of the week, see if I look like this:

I love her so much, you guys.
So much.

- Not check my work email at all!

- Go for a free haircut with the free haircut voucher my friend gave me a few months ago!

- Take all of my non-fitting clothes to either consignment or to a thrift store, to free up space

- Clean my apartment! (i.e. scrubbing floors, cleaning the bathroom, etc.)

- Work on my NaNoWriMo novel - I'm at 18404 words right now, which is right where I need to be.


Ooh, maybe I can take my typewriter (aka laptop) to a coffeeshop and write my novel all JK Rowling-style! And later, they will dedicate the coffeeshop table to me!

Most importantly:

- Sleep! Sleep all the time! Cook healthy meals using ingredients! Wear pajamas all day! Catch up on my TV watching (did you know season 2 of Downton Abbey is out? NEED TO GET ON THAT)

It will be just like when I was home sick with tonsillitis, but without the misery and illness. Woot!


~Carla~ said...

Kate works out 2 hrs a day?! That's insane. lol!! Even when I was busting my @ss to lose weight it was 1/2-1hr a day. Now the weight just stays off from taking care of a big family & working on my never ending "to-do" lists! lol!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could write a chapter or two of You Were Going To Be Fantastic? That way those of us that will go into withdrawal whilst J does her new novel will be saved. It would be very noble of you. Oh, also, I heard there's a great new show at the Mendel...

Michelle P said...

Sounds like a good staycation!

Super Frugalette said...

I love Kate Middleton. I love the way that she dresses. Amazing. She is bringing sexy back in a whole new away...

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