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Day 315: All I want for Christmas is EVERYTHING


Remember how intense I got about Halloween?
Yeah, I'm like 100000% more enthusiastic about Christmas.
Just... be forewarned.

You guys, I love to buy presents! OK, I love shopping, and buying gifts doesn't count as shopping per se because you're buying stuff for other people, so there's none of that vague shopping-related guilt that sometimes pops up.

I have always loved buying gifts for people. When I was a kid, my parents gave me money I could use to buy gifties because they knew how much I liked buying gifts (and they also knew how I didn't have  much money - not because of financial irresponsibility! Because I was a kid!).

My gift-giving style is that I like to a) surprise the people with b) something PERFECT that they never knew they always wanted. Yes, this makes things a bit more complicated, as when I'm given a list of specific items, I use that as a launching-off point to figure out something else.


All I want for Christmas is... EVERYTHING I WANT.

For instance: Let's say that Fake Person A is really into computers, chess, and environmentalism. I would look online and in stores until I find the perfect item - like for this person, probably a chess set where the pieces are made out of recycled computer parts, or something. Even if their list was like, "I'd like the new Alan Bradley book, a pie plate, a cheese knife, and a nice necktie," I'd still get the recycled chess set because THAT'S PERFECT. So perfect, they didn't even know about it.


Yes, this chess set exists. There are other cool ones at this site!

Anyway, this sort of thing works if you're buying for someone like Fake Person A, but my entire family is a) impossible to buy for and b) none of them ever want anything, or even give me a list to use as a launching-off point. When my father was still around, I'd always buy him a thing of maple syrup for Christmas, because that's all he ever said he wanted. (And to add extra drama to the whole thing, his birthday was THE WEEK AFTER CHRISTMAS, so I had to find two perfect surprise gifts all at the same time of year).

So anyway. My family is really hard to buy for, and I put a lot of pressure on myself to find something amazing for everybody, and the added snag is that stores are literally FILLED with things that I SO WANT.

(*Note: it's so easy to buy me a Christmas present, you have no idea. I love just about everything.)


(Hint for people getting me gifties: I like things with pinup girls on them. And sparkley things. And men in suits. And Mad Men. And nailpolish. And pumpkin spice lattes... basically, read any blog entry and you'll know what to get me. xo!)

So anyway. This year, I have a smallish budget for the 6 peeps lucky enough to get gifties from me. And I need to just gird my loins and, rather than drooling over (and subsequently buying) all the cute things I want, I need to remember those things, and put them in a list for other people. And not buy myself cute things. (Even though, as it turns out - and no offence intended! - the people who buy for me don't seem to analyze their gift selection as much as I do, so chances are, I won't get any of the cute things I keep noticing in all the stores).

Tis the season!


Michelle P said...

Haha I'm like you. I don't really think of it as shopping since I'm buying stuff for other people!

I have sooo many people to buy gifts for though, and I have no ideas.

Paige said...

I love love love Christmas shopping because my budget is so tight right now that I don't really get to do any shopping for myself.

And I spend so long on each gift because I really want them to be perfect. My friends and family mean so much to me, and I want their gift to reflect that, despite the budget.

I need to get on this! I'm usually ahead of the game, but I haven't purchased a single gift yet this year (several are picked out and sitting in virtual shopping carts though).

Serendipity said...

I love Christmas shopping and I always want to buy everything. And, I want to buy myself everything too!

ihavetriedit said...

My hubby and I created a gift budget earlier this year. We put money towards this it every month. It makes Christmas shopping so much fun! I feel l like I have a ton of money to spend! (I still stay in my budget of course!) I loved the pictures on this post and the title caught my eye, too! I found your blog via "SITS"

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