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Day 310: Financial Literacy Week

Did you know that this past week has been Financial Literacy Week in Canada? You know it's a big deal, because Gail Vaz-Oxlade is making videos about it:

*Note: when I was first alerted that Mama Gail was involved, I immediately thought that she was COMING TO TOWN and then I started wondering whether I had the guts to meet her in person (I mean, before my finances are all in order) but I decided that OF COURSE I would meet her, but she's not actually coming here. Bummer. Maybe someday.

Anyway. As per their website, "Financial Literacy Week is a national awareness and engagement campaign that seeks to increase the financial literacy and math skills of Canadians through access to tools, resources and community events."

And part of it is that there are a series of pledges that you can take. So... which of these can I do?

Feed my piggy bank every day: Assuming this is a metaphor, then I'm already doing this by transferring $50 into my tax-free savings account every month (actually, I'm doing that because Mama Gail had a thing on Twitter where she answered everybody's questions and that was her response to me). So, check!

Keep track of every penny I spend: I do this, using online banking and, so check!

Teach my kids to save: n/a

Ask myself "do I really need this?": Working on it! I almost bought boots today, but then I remembered how I have like 6 good pairs of boots and then I didn't. So, check!

Take my lunch to work one day a week: Um, try EVERYDAY! I am totes on this. Check!

Learn to do a monthly budget: Meh. Kinda. I guess I sort of am doing this, albeit reluctantly. Check.

Start an RESP: n/a

Ask for a better rate on my cell phone/internet/cable: Can you just do that? I mean, I think I'm getting a pretty good price right now. So, no check.

Shop with a list, and stick with it: Sigh. No. Well, I use a list as GUIDELINES, but then sometimes I forget stuff. I don't think that non-list shopping is contributing that much to my debt. That's more unplanned makeup purchasing. Uncheck.


It's the time of year that stores are LITERALLY GIFT-WRAPPING THEMSELVES.
Shopping is LITERALLY a gift.

It's pretty great that financial literacy is being promoted nation-wide. If everybody was in a frugal, cost-effective mindset, I'd be a lot better off. Right now, it's like a constant struggle between the stores being like, "Buy things! It's the Holiday season, which means things are more sparkley and therefore MORE ATTRACTIVE!" and me being like, "BE FRUGAL! MAKE GAIL PROUD!"

I think the solution is just to avoid all stores for the next little while. This is especially possible since 5/6 people I'm buying gifts for live in another city so their gifties will be purchased online.

In unrelated news, Starbucks Christmas drinks are out now. Bonjour, eggnog latte!


Kerry said...

Hey, if you buy eggnog and then add it to your coffee as creamer, or mix it half and half with coffee to make a home latte, it is amazing. And much cheaper!

Katy P said...

The Starbucks PR team came by the office today with 2 dozen drinks and 2 dozen bags of treats to promote the holiday drink and treat menu. All but a few of the drinks were spirited away within seconds - I drifted by about half an hour later, thought "I could use a starbucks!", lifted the lid and saw the edible oil product had actually SEPARATED from the liquid. It was super gross but also helpful, as it recommitted me to lattes made and consumed at home.

~Carla~ said...

You can totally call & ask for better rates! You'll usually get them too! More money to feed your piggy with!! ;)

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