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Day 309: Sashay, chante

Child bride Courtney Stodden makes a good argument both in favour AND against the use of makeup.

So, I noticed this event happening on Facebook, which probably means that it's happening also in the real world, and it disturbs me: No Makeup November: A Stand for Beauty

OK, not disturbing per se, but it perpetuates a line of thinking that I keep running across. I feel like Carmindy and Clinton and Stacy on What Not to Wear, patiently explaining over and over again that makeup and cute clothes aren't MASKING FLAWS, but they are EMPHASIZING STRENGTHS! And also, makeup is FUN!

Recent divorcee Kim Kardashian looks oddly like a real person without makeup.
But why are "CELEBS WITHOUT MAKEUP" shots always so unflattering?
I bet if she posed with no makeup in the same angle as the makeup shot, she'd look way better.

In the midst of stress-filled work days and financial issues and (I assume) being a parent and worrying about... croupe, or whatever kids do - it's relaxing to have time to think about largely inconsequential questions like Do I wear the fluorescent pink lipstick today? Or the classic red lipstick? Many peoples' grandmothers referred to removing makeup as "taking my face off" and I really like the feeling of putting a face on - like doing art, but with my face as the canvas. And you don't need to be as skilled as an actual artist to do it, because it's easy to colour in your lips or line your eyes!

Anyway, this leads into a phenomenon that I recently learned about called BIO-DRAG (a.k.a Faux Queens). This is, where you dress yourself in an exaggerated manner of the gender which you actually are - so, rather than in traditional drag where a man dresses as an exaggerated woman, or a woman as an exaggerated man, it's women dressing like exaggerated women and men dressing as exaggerated men. Also known as a real solution for people like me, "a drag queen trapped in a woman's body."

In all seriousness, I have looked up to RuPaul since I was a little kid.
Other than her fabulous reality show, I will always have a soft spot for her Christmas album, HO HO HO

So, for the 50s party on Saturday, I plan to go in full bio-drag. I got that super-awesome red dress, and I'm planning to wear it with full face-paint, including false lashes, Amy Winehouse levels of cat-eye eyeliner, and bright scarlet lipstick. And maybe also red sparkley nails. In other words - LIKE A DRAG QUEEN. In other news, is it normal to own like 6 different pairs of false lashes? If you aren't an actual drag queen? #justasking

I've always wanted to be a drag queen. Whenever I thought about what I'd be like if I was born a man, I always came to the conclusion that I'd be just like I am now, but with the added bonus that I could be a drag queen. But now bio-drag comes along to let me know that I CAN BE A DRAG QUEEN!

(*PS - all of y'all doing no makeup November, I don't mean to hate on it. But I quite sincerely doubt that it will take off to the same levels of success as Mustache Mo-vember, largely because the people RSVPing to the Facebook event all seem to be saying, "This will be easy since I never wear makeup anyway!" so it's not like it's converting anybody)


Andrea @SoOverDebt said...

I nearly choked to death laughing when I saw the title of this post. You always keep me entertained!

Annabelle said...


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