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Day 308: Hot to trot

So. Today, I have made an investment purchase. Shopping Detox sometimes means that I'm working within a very strict framework (i.e. my $148 grocery budget) and sometimes it means spending money to save money. And today, my friends, I bought a dress.

Bea Danville also agrees that this is a perfectly fine thing to do. In her book Dress Well for $1 a Day, she says that some items are "mainstays in your wardrobe, the kind of clothes that make up the background of your personality. They should be simple, with a good line and without any fussy detail. You must buy them carefully, with special thought for the parts they will play in your life."

So, the thing is that I helped arrange the BEST FUNDRAISING EVENT OF ALL TIME, which is going to be on Saturday. It's a 50s-theme night at a dance club, raising money for the local chapter of Planned Parenthood. Anyway, we'll be screening black-and-white sex ed films from the 50s all night (and I got to choose the films! I get the most fun jobs)

Including the classic Molly Grows Up.
Without this film, nobody would ever know it's NOT OK to do square-dancing or roller-skating when you're having your period.

Anyway, seeing as that I a) adore the 1950s style, b) am really excited for this party, c) don't have a 50s-style dress and d) will obviously wear this more than once.

Anyway. So, I found the PERFECT DRESS in that it a) fits me like a dream, b) is stretchy enough to dance in, and c) I LOVE IT.

So, I bought a dress. But I think that even Gail V-O would understand my reasons. Plus, I could totally wear it with a sweater on top to work, or that sort of thing.


Christine said...

So how many days did the dress cost? A month, two, 5? Lol

centsofacountrygirl said...

So pretty! I think it would be very office-chic with a black blazer too.

~Carla~ said...

Gorgeous dress!! I bet it looks awesome on you! :)

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