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Day 307: The 7X7 Award

So, Jenny from You Were Going To Be Fantastic nominated me for the 7x7 Link Award! I love these things.

The idea is that I find seven posts on my blog that fit seven categories, and then I award the 7x7 award to seven of my favourite bloggers!

My 7x7

Most Beautiful: I think obviously this post about why makeup is so important! Because it helps EVERYBODY be more beautiful. Or ACCENTUATE their beautifulness, which is already there, obvs. (Also the pictures in this post are really pretty)

Most Helpful: This post about my overdraft issues is most helpful because it's where I got the most help from YOU GUYS, via comments. You put the wind in my sails to finally confront my wee little overdraft issue.

Most Popular - This post about my super-frugal father is by far the most-read thing I've written. It's also one of the least-silly... go figure?

Most Controversial: Hmm... I don't tend to me controversial. In fact, I think most of my thoughts are really quite populist and conservative. Although I got my first (of only two! knock-on-wood) mean comment from this post, from someone who pointed out that I buy more clothes when on shopping detox than normal people buy in a regular year.

Mama Gail V-O! Remember when she tweeted me good wishes when I had tonsillitis?

Most Successful: Oh, I don't know, how about the one where I TOTALLY BEAT MY OVERDRAFT? That's most reflective of my personal feelings of success.

Most Pride-worthy: This blog about the Food Basket Challenge makes me feel more proud, because I know that at least one of you guys thought it was such a good idea that you're looking into doing a Food Bank Challenge in your own hometown! I'm so happy that my blog could help spread this super-important message.

My 7x7 Nominees!

And now comes the part where I nominate seven other super bloggers! (*Note: I offer up link luuurve to my finance blogging peeps every week, so I'm using this opportunity to endorse non-financey blogs so we can all diversify our blog reading habits)

L-A and Ally from Fashionable People, Questionable Things combine hilarious fashion commentary with trashy music videos and hilarious pop culture commentary. They are also v. hilaire on the Twitters.

Lawrence from Lawrence & Julie & Julia is my addiction. This guy made a vow to watch the movie Julie & Julia everyday for a year, and he's just got like 30 days left! He's gone so truly insane, it is great to behold. It's a postmodernist meta-meta-meta blog and I hope they complete the meta-meta-meta cycle by making it into a movie. Which someone else can watch everyday for a year... (he is also on the Twitters!)

The ladies from Forever Young Adult help me find great new YA books to read about cute boys and kickass girls. (They're on Twitter too!) They also have some funny commentary on teen TV shows. Hey, speaking of...

You Know You Love Fashion is a snarky fun-filled TV blog that I loved as a reader before I tricked them into hiring me as a staff writer! If it wasn't for this blog, I wouldn't know how Revenge is THE BEST TV SHOW EVER, and I also wouldn't know that MURDER TRUNK is the new cool thing the kids are saying. (Catch them/us on Twitter!)

The Reluctant Retiree's blog Retirement Is Work offers one (generally hilarious) good thing about retirement. (*Note: she has not yet listed senior's day at Shoppers Drug Mart, which is what I'm personally looking forward to the most)

I don't know how Jill from Couchtime With Jill has time enough to watch all these TV shows, but her recaps are fun and uber-helpful for when I miss an episode. I didn't watch Big Brother this summer, but had a super time reading the recaps to keep me up-to-date. Bonus: I didn't have to witness the skankiness first-hand, but still got to know what the kids were talking about on the Twitters.

HerrMozart from The Artful Blogger keeps me up-to-date with all the artsy movies before they're nominated for Oscars, so I can be in the know even though it takes ages and ages for these sorts of films to show up in my little town. He's on Twitter too!

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