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Day 305: Gals in glasses link luuurve


Firstly, thanks sooo much to Beating Broke for including me in the Festival of Frugality last week!

Have a sultry, deep voice? Looking for some extra cash? Budgets Are Sexy posts this article about How To Be A Phone Sex Operator.

Or maybe you have loftier ambitions. Harri Pierce has a fun guest post on Give Me Back My Five Bucks, asking if you could ever marry for money?

Totally changing the subject, Kayla K's Thrifty Ways has this super recipe for DIY hot pockets. Um, yes please.

Meanwhile, Niki from Debt Free By Thirty shows us all how it's done... she made over $900 in blog income! Must. Learn. Her. Secrets.

The Beauty Department is asking us all to take a pledge: to take care of our skin and hair over the winter. This is actually frugal, because as long as you have moisturized skin and well-maintained hair... well... you look better. Which will keep you from impulse purchases, at least if you're me.

And I couldn't not include this post from And Then She Saved... have you library-ied lately? (*Spoiler: this article is all about how libraries are TEH AWESOME!)


J. Money said...

Glad you enjoyed the hustle! Hope some of your readers can try it out ;)

Niki said...

Ooo I am going to have to look at those DIY hot pockets. My husband loves them, but I never buy them.

Thanks for the link. I really have no secrets just get in touch with Crystal from Budgeting the Fun Stuff. She's awesome!

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