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Day 304: October grocery budget challenge review

- a screenshot from my blog on October 29, 2011

So! I think I did not-so-badly with my challenge to spend only $148 on groceries in October. OK, so I went $23.30 over budget but, all things considered, this is pretty close. AND more importantly, since the whole point of this budget was to help decimate my overdraft, I'm so happy to be finishing off this month NOT IN OVERDRAFT!! So my Gail Vaz-Oxlade inspired plan is working out so far.

Just trying to make you proud, Mama Gail!
*Note: this may be the first time I have made her proud, ever.

I'm figuring out what to do for November. I mean, obviously I'll stick to a budget - but do I do $148 grocery budget, take two? Or do I make the encumbered October overspending come out of November - so a November budget of 124.70? I'm leaning towards the second. $124.70 grocery budget for one person who doesn't tend to eat much? I think is reasonable.

This time around, I will do my best not to get distracted with ideas about DIY caesar salad dressing which winds up involving purchasing anchovy paste which OF COURSE I'll use again sometime (*note: I will never use this again, ever).

As it turns out, not a very frugal purchase. Also, very hard to find in a grocery store.
(It's in the seafood section, as it turns out, not with the tuna where I thought it would be)

I also have set a budget for Christmas gift-giving which I can't post on here because the 6 people who are getting gifts from me may be reading this, and I'd prefer they focus on the amazingness of their gifties, rather than wondering how much I spent on them. To those 6 people: I will spend a REASONABLE, but not EXCESSIVELY FRUGAL amount on your gifts. Which means: I will spend MONEY on your gift, not just send you dryer lint or something.

But what's going to totally help out with the Christmas budgeting is how I totally won a $50 Amazon gift card from 20's Finances! Ha ha ha, awesome and perfect timing. And also useful, as my gifts this year will be going to two different countries, so I can do the ordering or international things through Amazon to save on shipping costs.


"If I wrap this thing of dryer lint in a big enough box, perhaps it will seem like a better gift?"
"Just claim the gift got lost in the mail! They'll never know!"
"That's the frugal way!"

Anyway! Because Halloween is on Monday, everything's spread out and so I have very important plans for tonight (watching The Thing and pigging out on Halloween candy... which is part of how I went $23.30 over budget this month).

Seriously. My favourite part of Halloween is how you can walk around downtown on Halloween and people are going about their usual business, but in totally weird costumes, and nobody looks at them twice. The best costume I observed so far is one girl who was dressed as MISS FRIZZLE! (One of my suggestions on my list of Unsexy Halloween costumes)

Runner-up is the girl who was dressed as the solar sytsem, with a Christmas lights poking through her dress, and a headpiece diarama of the planets. She seemed to really hit things off with the guy dressed as a satellite, who literally was orbitting her. Kind of amazing.

Their courtship was kind of like this, but sexier.

Happy Halloween Weekend!


Stephanie said...

I'm new to your blog and I'm really enjoying it so far! I completely empathize with spending lots of money on fancy-shmancy ingredients that you'll never use again. In my fridge right now, I have six jars of random things that I'll never use again. Like sauerkraut. Which isn't fancy-shmancy or terribly expensive, but is kind of gross.

nicoleandmaggie said...

Hahaha. Great post.

And congrats on not over-drafting. Soon that will be a regular thing!

Katy P said...

Nice going, Annsters. $170/month is hard to the core - tho if it was me I'd probably be looking for a nice round number that was sustainable for another month or two, and look at what else was driving the overage. Do you think you can do $123 or whatever and still be healthy and not feel too constrained?

diggingoutandup said...

I would go with the $148 challenge again next month. If you go the $123 route without a decently stocked pantry you'll be spending well under what the government recommends as a minimum for a healthy diet. You didn't quite make the $148 challenge in October, but it was close. Why not try again until you do?

NGS said...

My husband and I budget $120 a week for food for the both of us!! I can't even fathom that as our monthly budget!!

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