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Day 303: Who Loves Lucy?

The dress - I already owned. It's from ModCloth and cost like $50 and works for everyday as well as for costumes.

The apron - a giftie from my ex-roommate, back when we fantasized about cleaning the house more than we did.

The hair - I bought a set of brush rollers ($15) which I can use again in the future. I felt very cool and retro sleeping with the rollers in my hair, btw. And the curly bangs turned out kind of amazing.

The hairbow - leftover from a Madonna costume from a few years ago.

The makeup - I couldn't get a great shot of the makeup with my oldster camera, but you can see a few key things here: 1) extremely long eyelashes (bought in the regular makeup section, not the Halloween section... not sure who would wear these *not* as a costume item), 2) extremely red lipstick (my lips are still stained pink 24 hours later!), 3) lots and lots of liquid eyeliner (I'm getting pretty good at applying this now), lots and lots of white eyeshadow, and a good polishing with foundation and blush.

TOTAL BUDGET: $15 hair curlers, $4.99 lashes = $19.99 total!

Not so shabby, right? Thanks for helping me decide what to wear!

*Note: there was a photo booth at the party I attended, so there may be more professional-type shots to share with you shortly.



Andria said...

I totally have that same dress! You look fantastic, btw :)

Lindy Mint said...

LOVE it! (Even though it's not Pippy Longstocking :P)

Albie's wife on Big Love wore those eyelashes in "real life."

Niki said...

I love it!

You look fantastic.

I wore fake eyelashes for my Medusa costume and I think I love them.

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