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Day 302: Last-minute Halloween costume LINK LOVE

So, the votes are in!


Lucy wins with 21 votes! 
Bring on the poodle 'do!
Thanks y'all for voting. I'm busy practicing with hair curlers to follow this hair tutorial. And don't worry, I have all the things I need for this makeup tutorial. And you guys know I have a cute 50s retro dress I can wear... possibly with an apron on top? Basically, I'm good to go.

Still looking for last-minute costume ideas?


*Note: these amazeballs Mary Poppins costumes were probably not last-minute.
But that doesn't stop them from being AWESOME!

Niki from Debt Free by Thirty has a great list of last-minute costume ideas! I esp. like the Rosie the Riveter one.

The Budget Fashionista has some great Halloween makeup tips.

Not into total costuming? Try out a spooky manicure, like on The Beauty Department! (or their candy corn manicure is cute too!)

And here are all my recent Halloweeny posts, to recap:

5 Unsexy Halloween costume ideas
Best Halloween costumes for blondes, redheads and brunettes
15+ costumes you can make with things you already own
How frugal should you be for Halloween?

Now go curl your hair, put on some fake lashes, and eat all the candy before the kids come trick-or-treating! Woot!


~Carla~ said...

Yay for Lucy!! Can't wait to see what you come up with!!

Michelle P said...

Sounds cute!

Niki said...

Yay Lucy! Can't wait to see pictures!

Thank you for the link love.

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