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Day 300: !!!!

300! 300 days of detox!

OK, I'm more proud about blogging EVERYDAY for THREE HUNDRED DAYS than I am of the slight improvement in my financial situation, but I'll take what I can get. I promise that for the next 65 days, I will be TOTES BUDGETY and make this year end on a high-note of money savings and quasi-financial responsibility.

But first...

The Shopping Detox Halloween Costume Spook-tacular!

(*Note: It's your last chance to vote for my Halloween costume
I'm going to announce the winner TOMORROW NIGHT!!)

Anyway, I've been posting lots about Halloween costumes, and I thought I should show you that I'm not just some fake person blogging about costumes - I am a costume FIEND! Here are some of my recent successes:

Audrey Hepburn!

All you need: a hairdresser friend and/or a way with hairspray, a little black (or grey) dress, tiara, lots of mascara and false lashes.

Anne of Green Sexy Gables!

This is both a commentary on the silliness of "sexy" Halloween costumes, and also adorable.
What you need: long red hair (braided), some sort of pinafore, freckles drawn on your cheeks, thigh-highs. (Or wear an actual full-length dress). Carry around a bottle of raspberry cordial and look tipsy.

Joan from Mad Men! (with the Frugal Advisor in the background in his traditional Lab Coat costume)

All you need: very red hair, brightly-coloured dress, gold pen necklace, extremely padded brassiere, fake lashes.

But I know what you really want to know. How do you do an Annabelle from Shopping Detox Halloween costume?

All you need: long red hair, cute retro dress, brightly painted fingernails, a laptop, and looots of full shopping bags (probably full of nail polish). Optional: light-up viking horns:

Thanks for hanging out with me over the past 300 days!

Now, go make your awesome Halloween costume and make Mama Annabelle proud!


Anonymous said...

I wore a black cat costume for Halloween storytime last night. Not very imaginative, but very frugal because I had everything except black eyeliner to draw on the nose and whiskers (which I needed a new one of anyway so went out and bought at Shoppers ON SALE).
I think you should be sexy Pippi Longstockings...

Niki said...

Happy 300!

All of your costumes are so cute! I can't wait to see what will win. Gooo Lucy!

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