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Day 297: Frugally fabulous fashion link love

Y'all really seem to luuurve Lucy.
And I have to say, I'm kind of psyched for this costume idea.

Latest stats for my Halloween costume poll!

I Love Lucy 15
Liza Minnelli in Cabaret 11
60s Mod Alien Girl 7
Marlene Dietrich 6
Pippi Longstocking 5

Have you voted yet? Vote here in comments, or on the poll on the Shopping Detox Facebook page.

Frugally fabulous fashion link love

Note to self: Do not dye hair bright red in preparation for possibly Lucy costume.
Won't... dye... hair... 

Bryan from Pinch that Penny was sweet enough to host my guest post about How to be a frugally fashionable man.

What Claudia Wore has tips for putting together a fabulous Claudia Kishi (from the Babysitters Club) Halloween costume.

Fabulously Fru-Girl asks whether you'd use a Groupon for a Brazilian bikini wax?

The Budget Fashionista has tips for putting together Romola Garai's look from The Hour (this is like the British version of Mad Men... so these tips would work for a generic 60s-themed costume as well)

The Everyday Minimalist wonders what is the maximum number of items you should have in your wardrobe? (Useful to think about, esp. for people like my friend J, whose BF just moved in and is running low on closet space)

The Girl Next Door's Guide to Finance shows how to save money by buying white items.

Carla from Half Dozen Daily wonders if it's harder to *really* value something when you have on in every colour.


Anonymous said...


I read the Everyday Minmalist post and the comments baffle me a bit - everybody seems to be a minimalist but me, people who claim to own 25 clothing items *totally* a few tops, a few pants and they're set... I wonder where they live. It's easier to need less stuff if the sun always shines on you. I live in Italy, near Milan, where it's -5 °C in winter and 35° in summer. In the hot season I can only wear sleeveless tops and light skirts, but when transitioning to autumn and winter I need several overcoats: a cotton trench, then a leather one, then a winter coat and then, when it's really cold, a padded jacket. And cotton sweaters, wool sweaters and cardigans, corduroy skirts, warm tights... as well as longsleeves tops to wear underneath.

I'm trying to be more of a minimalist, but I need this variety in clothing. Any advice to reduce my wardrobe without sacrificing my wellbeing? :)


The Girl Next Door said...

Thanks for the link!

~Carla~ said...

Yay for Lucy!! Did I get in my vote? If not put me down for Lucy...*whistle* ;) lol! Thanks for the link-up!

Fabulously frugirl said...

Thanks for the link! And my vote is for Lucy, as well! :)

Annabelle said...

Carla, Frugirl - your votes for Lucy are noted. She's kind of blowing the other options out of the water! I wonder why everybody likes that one so much? I'm pretty excited about it, too. But we'll see if Pippi makes a last-minute resurgence... still 2 days left of voting.

Annabelle said...

Hi Raf! I'm the last person to ask about how to minimize your wardrobe, as mine is pretty ginormous. However, to pare it down, I'm doing this challenge where I wear everything once - to see if it fits, if I like it, and to remember what I have. For sure I'm finding stuff to get rid of! I have lots of clothes, but I only regularly wear maybe 1/2 of it... even with the extreme temperature changes where I live in Canada!

That being said, if you really wear everything you own? Then no reason to get rid of anything!

Anonymous said...

That's where I'm getting... but even after decluttering a lot and rediscovering clothes I'm not wearing enough, I buy new ones. I always feel like I need something, am I mentally deranged?! Lol :)
Now I need a black merino cardigan 'cause my old one is worn out and I wonder, do I really "need" it because, well, black basic cardi blah blah, or could I do without? Ah, problems :)


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