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Day 296: Lessons from Bea Danville: Making your make-up last

Copyright 1956 by Wilfred Funk, Inc. 

So, when I was a teenager, my fabulous mother gifted me with this genius vintage book: Dress Well on $1 a Day by Bea Danville. I can't believe I left it behind when I moved, but my mother graciously sent it along to me so that I could remind myself of this wisdom.

And now, I share this wisdom with all of you.

Today's lesson: Making Your Make-up Last

"As with clothes, a fuddled line is a sloppy one" [??] A quick do-over of your make-up mau extend its time limit considerably if you are rushed.

In the first place, you must carry in your pocket book a little cosmetic bag containing the following: powder, day and evening lipsticks, a lipstick brush, eyebrow pencils, mascara, eye shadow, eyelash curlers, and tiny containers for foundation, vaseline and astringent-soaked pads. [OK, what?? Seriously? I would amend this to say: bring along lip balm and powder MAYBE, and that's it. I don't know the size of Bea's "pocket book" but I suspect it's the side of a modern-day suitcase]

With one of the astringent pads, lightly touch off the top layer of powder, which will now be stale, paying most attention to the base of the nose, the chin and anywhere else where you see the powder has lumped. [Note: I think modern formulations are less likely to "LUMP" than in the 50s] Now dust over lightly with the powder.

Check for a smudgy line along your brows and eyelids. Dab off any smudges or grease spots on the eyelids and brows with tissue. ["Grease spots"? Again, I think modern eyeshadow formulations may have solved this issue] Touch up your eyebrow pencil where the line is untidy. Apply more mascara, if necessary, but in any case re-curl. [Yes, by all means, re-curl. SRSLY? Maybe eyelash curlers used to not work as well? Do you really need to re-curl at 5pm?]

Wipe off your stale lipstick and replace.

This isn't as time-consuming as it sounds. [Right, hauling your suitcase o' makeup around with you to COMPLETELY REDO your entire face is obviously not time-consuming at all] As you become a proficient cosmetician, you should be able to do this re-touching in five or six minutes.

[This seems like a bit much but what do I know? Am I a published author? No. Do I come home after a day at work to find my mascara has all migrated under my eyes, making me look like I've been punched and/or haven't slept in a month. So maybe I can learn a lesson here.

But I really can't see myself carrying a lash curler around with me. Hopefully my powder won't start to LUMP and my eyeshadow won't cause GREASE SPOTS]


diggingoutandup said...

In my bag I'm currenly carrying: an eyelash curler(!), blotting papers, concealer, cream shadow, eye liner, mascara, lip stain, lip gloss, lip balm, perfume, nail clippers, nail file, dental floss, and a couple assorted bobby pins/hair ties. Not bad for someone who barely wears makeup at work eh? I can get done up in the bathroom at the end of the day and go out in the evening if I get an invite. It's taken some iterations, but this all fits into one pouch. It's not large either, I bought it to carry money in my apron when I was waiting tables years ago. If by purse they mean a small satchel, this would easily fit.

If by grease spots she's talking about the shadow crease that some of us with oily skin get, I'm going to say the makeup companies still have a little ways to go on that one.

Annabelle said...

@diggingupandout - Whoaa! You're doing Bea Danville proud! Nicely done. You're ready for impromptu cocktail parties OR secret glamorous spy missions.

I wonder if she does mean that shadow crease business? Using a shadow primer helps with that. I like the one by Urban Decay.

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