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Day 295: Halloween costume voting UPDATE!


Lucy and I share an obsessive love of nailpolish and lipstick, clearly.

Have you guys voted yet for what Halloween costume I'll wear this year? Here are the stats so far:

I Love Lucy - 12
Liza Minnelli in Cabaret - 8
Marlene Dietrich - 5
Mod Girl - 4
Pippi Longstocking - 3

Each costume has its own unique challenges. I Love Lucy will require herculean effort to attain the signature poodle 'do (and I may need to purchase hair-combs) but I'm kind of psyched to attempt this.

Liza Minnelli in Cabaret will involve lots of makeup fun, although I'm not sure what the outfit would be (swimsuit and fishnets with a kimono housecoat on top?). Luckily, I already have a short black hair wig.

I do have a swimsuit that looks like this at the neckline.
And green eyeshadow. But not a dog collar or a bowler hat. Hmm...

Marlene Dietrich in the 30s - I've already done a fun 30s look, so I have practice at doing 1930s hair and makeup. The outfit is a cinch - baggy menswear. If only I had a top hat, hmm...

Mod 1960s Alien Girl - I have a perfect dress for this, and what's fun about this is that because it's not based on one specific person, I can invent the entire hair and makeup look. It would involve a massive beehive/flip hair combo. And with the alien thing, lots of glitteriness. Loooots of glitteriness.


Mod 60s alien girl will also include a lot of eyelashes.
A loooot of eyelashes.

Pippi Longstocking- I have the tights, the red hair, the freckles. And this adorable girl shows us all how easy it is to do the sticking-out braids:

With a hip and a hay and a hip-sha-nah!

Leave your vote in the comments (and/or on the Shopping Detox Facebook page).

Voting ends on Oct 26!


~Carla~ said...

I think because I've been reading a while & always leave you such wonderful comments to enrich your life & make your entire day, I should get 2 votes. So let's up that Lucy vote count! ;) :P

Niki said...

Carla you are too funny!

I am still thinking Lucy. I would love to see that 'do.

I actually live about 20 minutes from Lucy's hometown. There is a Lucy and Desi museum. All the buildings have Lucy and Desi painted on the sides. But that is pretty much where this town's awesomeness stops.

Annabelle said...


Carla, I totes agree. Since you obviously make my day everyday with your wonderful comments, you can leave a vote everyday.

(Actually, I guess everybody can vote everyday, once per post)

Niki - I was watching a Lucy hair 'do tutorial and am kind of excited about that idea... if it wins... which it might. Why did such a pretty woman wear her hair in such a weird way?

LindyMint said...

Even though it looks like Lucy will blow this one out of the water, my childhood is dictating I vote for Pippi.

Annabelle said...

Lindy - I'm excited about Pippi, too. There's still time for her to make a last-minute resurgence! (Also note: I have 2 Halloween parties to attend... so...)

lifeisfullofsunnydays said...

I too vote for Lucy. She was a fantastic woman and very funny just like you! :)

Annabelle said...

Aw, thanks, sunnydays! What would be great about a Lucy costume too is that I already can imagine lots of silly faces to make in pictures... But I guess the same is true for Pippi too!

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