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Day 294: 15+ costumes you can make with 5 simple items you already own!


Halloween is THE BEST, you guys. THE BEST.

Halloween doesn't have to break the bank! There are heaps of costumes you can make from things you have already in your wardrobe without having to buy anything. Or, if you don't have any of these things, you can buy them because they're good investments.

The only 5 items you need

- Red lipstick
- Little black dress
- Hairspray
- Necklace
- Sunglasses.

1) Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's.


Optional extras: elbow-length gloves and/or a stuffed cat with a nametag that says "CAT"

2) Joan Holloway from Mad Men. Optional extra: hang a pen off of your necklace. *Note: works best with red hair and lots of breast padding.

3) Jackie Onassis. If you have long hair, pin it under to give the effect of a bob (use the hairspray to hold it in place). Optional, but recommended extra: New England accent.

4) Anna Wintour from Vogue magazine.


Optional extras: oversized fur coat (to make you look even smaller), sneer of disgust

5) Grace Coddington (also from Vogue magazine, as made famous in the documentary The September Issue). Don't wear any makeup or jewellery, frizz your hair up as much as possible. Best for people with red hair.


Note: she is not photographer very often, so you might have to explain this one a lot.

6) Rebekah Brooks (from the News of the World scandal). Similar to the Grace Coddington costume, but hair should be more ringletty and less frizzy. Also best for redheads.

Optional extras: a copy of "News of the World" and/or some sort of (visible) hidden microphone

7) Morticia Addams from The Addams Family. You won't need the sunglasses for this one. You'll want to straighten your hair (and then hairspray it so it stays straight!). Best for people with dark hair and pale skin.

8) Lady Gaga. Put the eyelashes on your bottom lashes, glue razor blades to the sunglasses, and purse your lips a lot. Optional extra: really weird shoes.

9) Sure/Unsure woman. Apply white deodorant all over the armpit area, then spend your time at the party with your arms pinned awkwardly at your sides.

10) Blair from Gossip Girl. Optional, but recommended extra: crazy patterned tights and an eating disorder.

11) 1920s Flapper girl. Best for people with shorter hair (but you can fake a bob with lots of hairpins and hairspray, as demonstrated by the always helpful Lauren Conrad and the Beauty Department). Optional extra: cigarette holder, flask of bathtub gin.

12) 1940s pinup girl. If your dress doesn't hit all your curves in all the right ways (... and why doesn't it? Get shopping, people!), you can stuff your bra. Do your hair up 40s style (Retro Chick is here to help), put on looots of red lipstick (or red marker, if you don't have lipstick). Paint fake stocking seams up the backs of your legs, and then walk around accidentally dropping things, then picking them up with an "Oops!" face.


Optional: tuck your skirt into the back of your underwear, and wander around going "OOPS!"
SRSLY, why are pinup girls so accident-prone?

13) 1950s rockabilly girl. Again, lots of red lipstick, maybe a big beehive (hairspray!). Works best if your black dress has a sticky-out skirt.

14) 1980s business woman on her way to work. Spray your hair up big and wear pantyhose with sneakers. Optional extra: big headphones and a large Walkman.


Do people still do this? Remember when everybody used to do this?

15) Feel free to make any of these into a zombie version, either by adding zombie makeup (here's a good tutorial) or just not sleeping for a few days. Alternately, make any of these into a fairy version by adding wings (if you have wings).

And have you voted for what costume I should wear this year? There's still no clear front-runner and I can't decide!

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