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Day 292: Greetings from the distant fuuuutuuuuure


Greetings from the future! Do you like my spaceship apartment? Me too!

Let's just get this out of the way: have you voted for your neighbourhood fashion librarian frugal finance blogger yet? OK, thanks! Seriously, thanks SO MUCH to everybody who's voted. It means a lot.

(*Note to people reading this in the fuuuuutuuuuure: if you invent a time machine, PLZ go back in time and vote for me too, K? Thanks!)

So. This is one of those updatey McUpdateypants sorts of posts. Remember I had some challenges for October? See the link at the top for "October Shopping the Closet Challenge"? That's where I'm itemizing the clothes I wear everyday from my closet. See over on the right-hand side with the budget? That's how much I've spent so far this month on groceries.

In the future, robots can finally find the love of cute pinup girls.
And cute pinup girls will realize robots aren't so bad after all.

(*Note to people reading this in the fuuuuutuuuuure: those sidebars and links may no longer be there. But what I was doing is, wearing something different from my closet everyday to remind myself I have nice clothes and for fun, and then going on a super-strict budget to ANNIHILATE THE OVERDRAFT. But you probably already know this, being from the future, where I am currently well-known as the protegee of Gail Vaz-Oxlade)

I'm not gonna lie: the closet shopping has been fun. There are some things I forgot I had (BONJOUR grey minidress and little black dress!) and things that really don't fit so well (AU REVOIR blue miniskirt). And by the end of the month, I'll assess the things I didn't wear at all to decide whether or not to keep them. MINIMALISM, ahoy!

Also minimalist? THE FUUUUTUUUUURE.
I'm really just getting ready for the future where we all dress the same.
PSYCH! Totally not! A world where we all dress the same is a world not worth living in.

The grocery thing has been harder, but equally rewarding. And dare I say, slightly fun also. Remember when I did the Food Basket Challenge, and it was tricky but kind of entertaining to figure out meals from small amounts of ingredients? Kind of like being on Top Chef: Just Desserts, but without the crizazziness and drama. So I've been eating up the stuff I have in the fridge and cupboards, which are both getting emptier, which makes me feel more relaxed and less anxious - I think because I can actually see what I own.

Yes, friends, I can now go into a grocery store and be like, "I don't need tomato sauce! I have three jars of that at home already! HOME MADE!" So, I'm deffo getting a better sense of what clothes I own, too (see above quotation, but replace "tomato sauce" with "stripey nautical top").

That's more like it. In the future, everybody's in nautical stripes! And tights.

And doesn't this kind of hard work ethic merit, oh I don't know, A VOTE FOR A SHOPPING SPREE? (Promise, the voting's done in two days. Did you know you can vote EVERYDAY from now till then? That's a potential 3 votes if it's not yet midnight in your time zone)

(*Note to people reading this in the fuuuuutuuuuuuure: are there flying cars?)

Thanks to everybody who's voted so far! Y'all are superstars.

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Serendipity said...

Good job grocery shopping friend! You can do it!

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