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Day 291: OK, nobody "deserves" a shopping spree... really.


*Note: these are not the 10 finalists. But imagine if they were!

So. I'm one of 10 finalists in a contest to win a shopping spree in glamourous Calgary, Alberta (the Dubai of the Canadian prairies!) (Click here to vote)

It's one of those contests where the winner is decided upon by public opinion, so here are some reasons why it would be SO SWEET if you guys would vote for me (*Note: as of this writing, I'm in 4th place - only 50 behind the winner!)


Also not the me and the other finalists. But if they were? I'd be Miss Arizona on the end.
With the pale, pale skin.

Why should we vote for you, a recovering shopaholic, to win a shopping spree, which is basically like voting for a recovering alcoholic to win a pub crawl?

Here's the thing: if I won a $5000 shopping spree, I would NEVER NEED TO BUY CLOTHES AGAIN. Mostly. According to all of the best fashion experts (Nina Garcia, Tim Gunn, Bea Danville, The Manolo), if you invest in quality garments, you barely ever have to replace them. So if I had sufficient funds to buy quality items such as a great trenchcoat, little black dress, boots, etc. - it would SAVE me money in the long-run.

Wait, so you're saying that voting for you is like giving you $5000 to pay off your debt?

Not really. But it's like ensuring that almost all of the money I earn can go towards paying down my debt, instead of buying a pair of cheapy boots that will fall apart, and then buying a replacement pair of cheapy boots, etc.


I know you guys are very glamourous and busy and important.
And gorgeous. And sweet. And wonderful. And responsible voters.

I'm too busy to vote for you.

It takes like 20 seconds! Seriously! You just click on this link and vote for me and that's that. 20 seconds a day from now until October 20th - that's just 60 seconds total. One minute. Do you have a smartphone? You can do that while you're walking down the street, waiting for your kettle to boil, etc.

I'm friends with one of the other candidates.

OK. Fair enough. Vote for your friend. BUT ALSO, you can vote for 3 people everyday, if you want. So you can vote for your friend and ALSO for me, who is also your friend, when you think about it. Seriously: do you actually know your friend that well? Does your friend lay bare her innermost thoughts to you on a blog everyday, like me? Can you trust that your friend will use this shopping spree money WISELY and FASHIONABLY?


It also goes without saying that I'd buy something cute for my cat.
Like a really good quality hairbrush or a really cute food dish.

But do you really deserve a shopping spree?

I don't think anybody deserves a shopping spree. It's not like, a right that everybody deserves like a roof over your head or human rights or that sort of thing. It's a treat - obviously. The money has been earmarked specifically to be spent on clothes at a Calgary shopping centre, not on charity or anything like that. So, within that framework, I think that any of the candidates "deserves" it as  much as any of the others. (*Note:  unless one of the other candidates lost all of their possessions in a terrible fire or flood or something. That person would deserve a shopping spree. Heck, I'd vote for that person. And then also for myself.)

What's in it for me? 

Presents! I'd feel bad getting this huge favour from you guys, and enjoying it all on my own. So, not only will you get to read the entertaining (and frugal) manner in which I spend the shopping spree cash-ola, but also I will specially buy something that I know you guys would like, and then offer it up in a free giveaway!

So, it's not anything tangible, but are the other candidates offering you the chance to get a present? (*Note: OK, probably the one who lost all of her stuff in the house fire probably would, but all I'm asking is that you vote for me AND for her.) (*Note: this house fire victim is just a hypothetical. I don't remember reading that info in any of the other peoples' write-ups).


This picture is just awesome. I want to have this girl's hair.


Niki said...

Do you have a link where I can vote for you, you know to make it easy on me? :)

I voted for you! I hope you win!

~Carla~ said...

Have you ever considered getting into politics? :P lol! Off to vote... Again. ;)

Annabelle said...

Thanks, Niki and Carla! I promise, just 2 more days of begging and then it's back to normal blogging... until it's time for the SHOPPING SPREE BLOGGING!

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