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Day 289: Things to do that don't cost money


Y'all, I'm kinda bored. So are these people. Meh.

So. I've got the weekend off and am working on ways to spend my time (and get out of the house!) without spending money. Here's what I've done today:

- watched 3 episodes of Top Chef (on DVD from the library)
- tried making DIY pumpkin spice latte (proportions off... I think the coffee wasn't strong enough maybe?)
- trimmed my bangs using this advice from Seventeen magazine (I was going to go to the salon for a bang trim as a free thing to do, but they closed early today). I think they look OK... it helps that my hair is wavy and messy anyway, so they don't need to look perfect-perfect.
- returned items to the library (a 5 minute walk from my house)
- re-read some of Before I Go To Sleep - the BEST BOOK EVER! I finished it yesterday in a marathon-reading session because the suspense is so unbelievable I couldn't stop. It's about a woman with the kind of amnesia where every day, she forgets what happened to her the day before. She's totally reliant on her husband to explain her life to her... but can she trust him?? SO GOOD!

Seriously. Go out and read this TODAY! IT'S SO GOOD!!

Tomorrow is also a day off, so I'll have to figure out some more non-money spending ways to spend the hours. I guess people out there with like, kids and things to do are like, I wish I had free time like her! But it's kind of boring. Shopping = a fun day. No shopping = I have no idea what to do with myself.

In other news, a Sephora store just opened in town, in the mall that's about a 10 minute walk from my house. The plan to stay on budget is to NOT GO TO THE MALL. In the interim, I'll work on a list of things that I'd like to get from there so, rather than going there and blindly spending money, I'll have a plan and specific things to buy and a budget. SEPHORA! YOU GUYS! MY FAVOURITE STORE OF ALL! MAKEUP HEAVEN!
Yeah. I'm just going to avoid the mall for a few weeks. STAY STRONG!

And have you voted for me yet?  YOU CAN VOTE EVERYDAY! (You know, if you want to.) (I'd really appreciate it)

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