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Day 288: Today I bought milk: why that means I should get a shopping spree.


Milk! Apparently, now it gives you a suntan!

Today I went to the grocery store and bought milk. I know that's impressive for a 5-year-old on their first solo shopping trip, but it's also slightly impressive for me. I walked swiftly past all of the cute clothes, makeup, as well as yummy crackers and deli meats and cheeses, bought my milk and left. That's right. This girl is STICKING TO HER BUDGET.

Oh, and did you hear? I'm one of 10 FINALISTS to win a $5000 SHOPPING SPREE in fabulous Calgary (the Texas of the Canadian prairies!)

I don't just want to ask you to vote without giving you good reasons, so here are 5:


If these ladies were eligible, I'd probably vote for them, too.
But they aren't FINALISTS like me, so VOTE ANNABELLE!!

1) I will apply everything I've learned about frugal shopping to this trip. No buying things I won't use or love, no buying things that don't fit properly, lots of investment pieces (i.e. nice trenchcoat, good leather boots, etc.).

2) I will also use the advice of Bea Danville to spend what, to her, would be about 13 years' worth of clothing money.

3) This would be like the cumulation of all of my years of shopping practice. I will research what stores will be available, choose items from each store beforehand using Teh Internets, and possible even let YOU GUYS help me pick what to buy.

4) How much fun would this be? COME ON! Seriously! Part of the prize is getting to meet a PERSONAL SHOPPER and a SPA VISIT.

5) This could lead to a challenging 2012 challenge such as: not buy any new clothes all year, but make do with what I got during my shopping spree. And that would save me lots of money AND give you fun things to read about while I blog about it.

So, what are you waiting for? Vote 4 Librarian Annabelle!! Please.

1 comment:

~Carla~ said...

If milk now gives you a suntan, just think of all the cash snooki's gonna save!!! :P

I voted for you! Good luck my dear!! :)

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