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Day 286: The contact lens solution


Work those glasses, Zooey D!

So... I am totally out of contact lens solution. Remember ages and ages ago I was thinking about what's the most frugal thing to do about eyesight? (Answer: squint. Runner-up: laser eye surgery. Third place: glasses. Last place: contacts) One of the cons of contact lenses is, obviously, that you need to keep buying new ones, and new contact lens solution.

I never really thought about the cost of buying new solution until I made up my whole October budget, vowed not to buy any non-food purchases... and then totally ran out of lens solution. Even my back-up bottle has a few drops left in it.

Are you guys watching New Girl? Zooey D. wears glasses 75% of the time on this show.
Plus, her hair is gorgeous. And her oufits are amazeballs.

I did not budget for buying new lens solution (it costs like $12.99, or 2 bottles for $20, something like that, I think). And so? Glasses it is, for the rest of the month.

Or maybe squinting. Basically, no more contacts for awhile.

Did you know that big nerd glasses are actually very fashionable right now?
It's true, Lafou!

I am SERIOUS about this, you guys. Luckily, though, I have four pairs of glasses, and one pair of prescription sunglasses to switch between. So I can work a variety of fab glasses looks for the next few weeks. 

* EXCEPTION: Halloween. My costume doesn't include glasses. I will pick up some contact solution in time for partying on the 28th using leftover funds from my grocery money. This gives me even more motivation to use as little of my grocery money as possible. HARDCORE BUDGETING HERE.

1 comment:

Michelle P said...

I need contact solution also! I'm buying some tonight. I've never seen solution that expensive though! I usually get two big bottles for around $5.

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