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Day 283: Fabulous fall link luuurve



I promise I'll stop freaking out about this soon. Like, once it's winter.

In the meantime, here are some fab links to help you enjoy this, the best time of year:

BrokeTO shares this delish-sounding recipe for pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. And if you read the whole thing, at the bottom there's a link for a recipe for DIY pumpkin spice LATTES! I feel like Oprah. "You get a latte! And YOU get a latte! AND YOU get a latte! LATTES!"

And did you know I love libraries and think everybody else should too? JD Debt Free agrees: libraries are AWESOME!

I really like Fabulously Broke's post "Does holding or wearing designer anything, automatically mean you're a high maintenance shopaholic?" (Hint: no, it does not!)

Niki from Debt Free By 30 not only has adorbs kids, but they have adorbs thrifty Halloween costumes, and she has some great ideas for frugal Halloween decor.

And Lindy from Minting Nickels has the best DIY article I think ever: DIY Proactiv acne products. I think she should start doing infomercials J-Simp style to sell this idea.

Am I allowed to link luuurve myself? Because I wanted to highlight my post about how to layer your way to fabulous fall fashion? It's that time of year, people. Hoist up your colourful tights and boots, throw on a sundress with a t-shirt inside, and strut your autumnal stuff!


Niki said...

Fall is my favorite too! Go ahead and stay excited because winter will be here before we know it. Blurg. Winter is only fun for a little while.

Thanks for the luuurrrvvee. I am really excited to share the next costume. It's the gnome. It's really fun to take pictures of a gnome in the wild.

Lindy Mint said...

Thank you so much for the link luurve!

I don't mind the fall talk now that it's finally cooled down here too. Fall has always been my favorite. And it's a close tie between pumpkin flavored things and being able to go outside that make it my favorite.

MW said...

Thanks for the love!

And oh man, I'm so craving more pumpkin spice latte right now. I want to have all of my readers over for lattes. Lattes! Haha.

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