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Day 282: A sign from the universe, II


Sometimes, you can't ignore signs from the universe.

So, let's rewind. I've been doing a lot of baking lately, which is really a zen and fun activity to do. Plus, it keeps me from shopping. The one tricky bit is that I'm a picky eater, so sometimes I have lots of fun cooking and then I wind up throwing all the food out because I don't like it.

So anyway. Remember I got the free apples from work? I spent some of my hard-earned $148 grocery budget on brown sugar and then came home to make apple crisp! Essentially free (apart from the cost of the brown sugar... and the cost of flour and things I bought ages ago).

And I made the apple crisp from this recipe and it's SO DELICIOUS! Also, really quite simple. And fortuitously, I had exactly enough free apples to fill my pie pan.


La la la and life is good, my apartment smells like delicious autumn smells la la la.

Fast forward a day later. I'm heating up the oven for more baking when I start smelling some burned sugar smells. The oven beeps to let me know it's heated so I head into the kitchen only to find IT ALL FULL OF SMOKE. The bottom of the oven is covered with singed apple crisp sugar drippings, which have turned into smokey charcoal nastiness.

The ceilings in my apartment are like 20" high. No joke. Even me holding a broom probably couldn't turn off the smoke detector. LUCKILY, I noticed the smoke situation before it turned into something awful so, many open windows, fans, and panic attacks later, it was all cleared out.


Maybe the solution is to use only an Easy Bake Oven. 
I'm not sure I should have been allowed to use proper appliances yet.

So I couldn't cook food until the oven was a) cooled off completely and b) I used elbow grease and a spatula to scrape all of the detritus off of the oven.

If I had a microwave? I could have eaten something. And I wouldn't have needed to turn on the oven to heat up leftover apple crisp.

Note to friends and family: a gift card for a store that sells microwaves would make an EXCELLENT Non-Denominational Holiday Giftie.

1 comment:

~Carla~ said...

Definitely a sign from above! Microwaves use MUCH less electricity as well, saving you $$ in the long run too! Oh, for future reference, cold apple crisp is delicious! ;)

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