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Day 281: Mama Gail sends the rain

Oh my, I do hope this rain won't soil my cute white dress or stockings!

So, it was raining today and I was really appreciative. Why?

I had today off work. Usually, on days off, I run errands and get things done. My definition of running errands is usually walk or bike to a store, buy something, and then walk or bike home. Errand achieved! But when I take out the purchasing, it stops being "errands" and is just "wandering around for no reason."

I wasn't sure how to spend my time. I did some household things (washing dishes, making an apple crisp out of the free apples from work, making spaghetti sauce with my food bank sausage). Going outside is a crucial part of days off, though. Especially since I was home-bound with tonsillitis a few months ago, I really don't like to spend entire 24-hour periods in my apartment.


This also meant I could have extra quality time with my little furry pal.

So, I tried to think of something to do to get me out of the house not involving shopping. This is where the rain helped out - because I kept thinking of places I could go to buy stuff (the goodwill store, the grocery store that also sells cute clothes) BUT it was POURING RAIN which made me not want to go anywhere.

Did Mama Gail send the rain? I kind of think she did.

Gail Vaz-Oxlade is like my Totoro.

The rain did its job and I stayed in. I did have two outings - one, a lunch date, and two, going to the gym (for the first time since the spring, yay!)

While the rain was helpful (thanks, G V-O!), I hope to figure out other things I can do out in the world that don't include shopping. If I keep exercising instead of shopping, then soon I'll be super-fit, right? If it makes my arms smaller, that'll be totes fine. I have a few dresses that kind of sausage-ize my arms.

1 comment:

~Carla~ said...

The rain definitely helps with those " feel like going out to spend" days!! ;)

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