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Day 280: The microwave thing, part 3


I have had a long and complicated relationship with microwaves this year.

So far this year, I have gone from thinking about buying a microwave to avoid cooking my Magic Bag in tinfoil in the oven, to considering buying a $39.99 microwave (but there isn't space for it in my kitchen, so I didn't buy it), so then I psychoanalyzed the reasons I am so reluctant to buy a microwave

Not coincidentally, when it was colder out, I wanted a microwave to heat up things to warm my body with. And now that I'm working at cooking more of my own food, I want a microwave to heat up leftovers with.

Because, you guys, it's all well and good to make a big thing of pasta and sauce, or a stirfry or whatever. But reheating noodles in a pot tends to leave burned pasta bits on the bottoms of pots. Also, it doesn't heat through very evenly. And also, it takes longer.


And look how happy this lady is with her microwave, the size of a fridge!

So I mostly eat leftovers at work (where they have a microwave). But all things considered, I am pretty much not saving money by not having a microwave. In fact, I may be losing money - because I cook stuff, they have leftovers, then don't wind up eating the leftovers, and then throwing them out.

But the fact remains that I don't have anywhere to plug the microwave in. I have one outlet on my counter that I use alternately for the toaster, George Foreman grill, and food processor. I suppose I could add a cheapish microwave to that rotation, and just plug it in when I need it.

OK, Alec Baldwin on 30 Rock. You won me over.

Did I just talk myself into this? Yes, I think I did.

Up next: should I buy a sewing machine? *Note: I will then have to learn to sew.


Anonymous said...

my microwave lives in my dining room, when I use it I plug it in around the corner in the outlet on the oven... of course it is blue and people always think it is a bread maker..fits in with my hot pink heart covered toaster :-)


BudgetorFudget said...

Why don't you get an extender or surge protector if you need more outlet space? They have them that add 2-3 outlets if you need more without overloading it. I love our microwave :)

Niki said...

You should get a microwave! The president of television and microwave oven programming would be so proud.

Our microwave broke last year and it took us over a month to raise enough money to buy a new one. (it was a micro/hood combo) But I was amazed at how long we went without one, without feeling deprived. I had always considered them a necessity. But that doesn't mean they're not a time saver and a bit of a luxury.

Andria said...

Yeah, you need a microwave, I agree. The sewing machine, I'm not so sure. I have one, that I got free from my mother, but I rarely use it. Turns out, making your own clothes form scratch is more expensive than buying them in the store if you want fabric that actually looks nice. I do use it for mending sometimes, but if I had actually paid for it, it wouldn't have been worth the investment.

I had visions of adorable one-of-a-kind dresses and skirts dancing through my head, but turns out, I don't have the skills and patterns for cute clothes are really hard to find.

Stick with the microwave for now, and keep your eyes open for a super cheap sewing machine, maybe.

Andrea said...

Sewing machines are different than microwaves though, that may end up being $x of dollars down the drain if you get frustrated/etc.

I'd try to borrow one or try my hand at sewing first before buying the machine...

I think I could live without a microwave too... wait, then again I'm not sure :s I should think about this some more.

Annabelle said...

@BudgetorFudget - without pulling schematic drawings of my very old apartment, suffice it to say that if I put an outlet extender in the Only Outlet In My Kitchen, everything could plug in, but there's no counter space to house everything.

But I do think that I could make this work the way @jem has suggested - an extension cord and the microwave plugged in the livingroom?

Complicating everything are the 2-prong outlets in most of my house. Do they sell 2-pront microwaves, I wonder?

Andria said...

I'm sure they don't, but they do sell adapters for like $.80!

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