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Day 279: The Good Food box

So, remember how after I did the food basket challenge, I decided to start getting delivery of organic and/or local produce? Since it's just me, I ordered the $8 "mini" box which contained:

Green onions, carrots, garlic, red onion, bananas, lettuce,
and there are potatoes in the paper bag.

So much gorgeous produce! And the best part is that it's all good stuff I like - i.e. no grapefruit, no snap peas. And also, when I think about it, I don't think I've eaten any produce (other than pumpkin pie which, for my purposes, counts as a serving) in the last... long while. Is $8 an okay price for this amount of stuff? I don't even know. I think so, though.

The reasoning behind these boxes is to give people with limited income access to delicious healthy produce. I'm buying it both to get myself healthy delicious food, and to support them so they can keep providing healthy things to people who rely on places like food banks and soup kitchens.


Hipster kitteh is like, "This is a good investment of $8!"

So, because I paid the $8 for this food box last week (i.e. in September) that doesn't subtract from my month's food budget. Because I got garlic, an onion, and green onions, I'm thinking of mixing these with the canned tomatoes I got for free in the front lobby and having some tomato sauce. And then if I eat it on my leftover spaghetti from the food basket challenge, and cook up some of the food basket challenge sausage, it's like an amazing version of spaghetti bolognese. Spaghetti Shopping-Detoxnese.

Also? Someone at work left a bag of fresh apples from their apple tree in the staff room for anyone to take. I obviously took these, and am going to make an apple crisp as soon as I can pick up some brown sugar. Because what says delicious fall food like apple crisp, washed down with a pumpkin spice latte? Or a pumpkin spice latte made from this recipe for homemade pumpkin spice latte?


Oh, hello free apples. I will take you and bake you, all while wearing this cute apron.

Anyway. Spaghetti Detoxnese followed by free-apples-apple-crisp? This is like a meal that's 3/4 free. And I believe that's what is known as a frugal #win.


jesspoole said...

had my first PSL yesterday while perusing the shelves at my local library. You would be so proud!

Annabelle said...

Yay for libraries! Glad to spread the library luuurve

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