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Day 277: The return of the free stuff shelf!


Oh, hey there FREE STUFF! What do you have for me today, hmm...?

Remember how there's a shelf in the front foyer of my building where people leave stuff? And sometimes it's great stuff (knives, dish soap) and sometimes it's not (old paperbacks, mugs).

So, today I came home, feeling happy about how I'm doing so far in my super-budgety month (yes, I know it's just the third day of the challenge, but still). And what to my wondering eyes should appear but FREE CANNED GOODS!


Canned goods to store in my pantry! If I had a pantry!
Which I don't! But still... free!

I was so excited. I was thinking about how, if this had happened during the food basket challenge, I would have been all over it. And let's be honest - I was still all over it. Unfortch, two of the canned goods were cans of vegetable soup (which I don't like) but happily I got two cans of stewed tomatoes so yay!

In other news, I'm also three days into the "wear something different from my closet everyday" portion of my October challenge. Today's selection was a miniskirt that fits OK, but was a) not good for biking in and b) from some angles kind of made my stomach look slightly... pregnantish. (WHICH IT IS NOT! It's just... full of Ringolos-ish) So, the skirt is a maybe.

I did this closet thing once before, and by the end of the month I was wearing party dresses to work. Will this happen again? I kind of hope so. Did I mention that I really like challenges?

1 comment:

~Carla~ said...

Yay free food! And 3 days in, is 3 days in! :) It's too cold for mini-skirts here, although it's supposed to warm up today!

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