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Day 276: Fall fashion link luuurve


Ah, fall. Leaves turn orange and red and yellow (...except for here, where they only turn yellow), you get to put on your colourful tights and boots, and stores are full of delicious pumpkin-flavoured yummy things. Oh, may the season never end. (...until November, when you can start getting eggnot latte, and a variety of yummy mint-flavoured things).

What, saving money and paying off my debt? Right, that.

Find Me Frugal(er) has been having lots of fun remixing her wardrobe. In fact, one of her October goals is to stop buying new clothes.

Fabulously Broke in the City also has a great series about shopping the closet.

And because fall means the start of holiday shopping season (except not in the US, where you guys have Thanksgiving in November for some weird reason), check out Budgeting in the Fun Stuff's tips to save money on your holiday spending.

Bryan at Pinch That Penny posted about the nostalgia trap - how you sometimes buy things because it was something you wanted but couldn't afford when you were a kid. He mentions things he wanted when he was 17; I am constantly lured to purchase things I dreamed about wearing when I was 6.

My Thirty Spot has a great post about the many personal care uses of baking soda. I use it mixed with a gentle cleanser to exfoliate. Way cheaper than buying a scrub from the drugstore, and a lot more gentle on your skin!

And The Simple Dollar posted about whether or not making your own clothes is frugal, or not.

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Bryan said...

Thanks for the link luuurve!

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