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Day 275: October challenge, day 1


OK! It's October (how did that happen? Did September mysteriously disappear?) and I've got two challenges going.

1) Not buying anything other than groceries, with a budget of $148

2) Wearing something new from my closet (and/or dresser) every day

So far so good. I mean, it's pretty easy not to spend money when you sleep in till noon (...or 1pm) and have a bunch of groceries already. Anyway, I'm going out tonight, which is a great opportunity to use something I rarely wear in my closet.


*Note: Not my closet.


- Zebra print jumper dress?
- Gold sparkley slouchy top?
- Beaded sparkley minidress/tunic (I think it's supposed to be a dress, but on my torso, it's a top)

I'm currently scoping out YouTube makeup tutorials to have a fun makeup thing going on, too. Remember when I went totally overboard with my outfit when I went to court? That was a bit much. But going out dancing? That's when your allowed to dress as crazypants as possible. Mainly because the lights will be dim and everybody's drinking.


Woo! Nobody cares if you're dressed like a crazy 
Audrey Hepburn/Stephanie Kaye hybrid at the club!

Speaking of... I'm going to spend some of my monthly food budget on a drink or two tonight. So far, I've spent $4.99 of my monthly food budget and expect to spend another $5 or so tonight. Hint: if you order a Caesar when you're out, it's like getting a meal and a drink all in one! Clamato juice and vodka, generally accessorized with a pickle? I officially declare this the official drink of Shopping Detox.

OK, got to go figure out makeup. I've had great success with JuciyLucy's tutorials (the "Joan from Mad Men" is great for a classy 60s look, "Cabaret" is good for a 1930s look, and the "Diane Kruger from Inglourious Bastards" is good for a 1940s look). Does she have one for Pizzazz from Jem and the Holograms makeup? Because that's the look I'm after. (*Note: I realize it's not Halloween. YET!)


Anonymous said...

Your outfits sound really cute!

Serendipity said...

I vote zebra print jumper dress! And I love Jessica! She is so stinking pretty on True Blood.

Annabelle said...

FYI - I totally went zebra-print It was just rockstar enough to go with my black smoky eye makeup and fauxhawk 'do.

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