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Food Bank Challenge update

Check out my two blog entries for today from the Food Basket Challenge:

Too much lettuce

Soup is amazing

I'm busy baking croutons right now (using hamburger buns, olive oil and garlic powder) to go in my carrot soup I made (carrots, onions, olive oil, pepper). Also sourcing out a recipe for making salad dressing out of yogurt... so far the recipes all seem to require mayonnaise, which I don't have access to.

More updates tomorrow!


Kerry said...

You can make lettuce soup too--the recipe I saw involved a potato, some spices, broth and cream, but I bet you can sub the plain yogurt for the cream if you don't mind the tang.

nicoleandmaggie said...

You can also saute lettuce. Then eat it as you would cooked spinach, preferably *in* something like eggs or pizza. (Our CSA often gives too much lettuce too.)

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