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Day 274: The hair dye thing


You guys. I'm so tired of my hair colour. Because of frugal living, I haven't dyed it AT ALL THIS YEAR, which is the longest I've gone without colouring my hair in a really, really long time.

Dying your hair is NOT FRUGAL, of course. I mean, I guess you can do it up frugal-style by growing beets from seeds and then smearing that on your hair, although that may not work too well. One time on 1940s House (where a British family had to live like people did in the Blitz) and the grandma was freaking out because she couldn't colour her grey roots. She tried making dye out of, I think, carrots, and it didn't go too well.

There are other ways to frugally dye your hair, after all. Henna has been used since before recorded history to colour hair. What is henna, anyway? Is it a plant? Lush has some cute henna hair colouring kits which ARE NOT FRUGAL OBVIOUSLY SO I WON'T BUY THEM. I will, however, accept the "rouge" one as a Christmas present (*cough* Lush giftcards also acceptable *cough*)

Cleopatra seems to have been a fan of the Lush "noir" henna kit.

And then of course, there's drugstore hairdye. I have too much respect for hairdressers to dye my hair like I used to when I was a teen (apart from the Halloween 2010 fiasco), and I like knowing that the Aveda dyes at my salon are healthier and less chemically. Also, when professionals dye your hair, you don't wind up with hair like in the scrub-brush hair bleach incident of 1995.

So, I'm saving money by not colouring my hair. It's an OK colour, I guess. Less red than it used to be, but nice in a strawberry blond sort of Jess from True Blood sort of way.


It's also worth noting that Jess from True Blood has THE most flawless eye makeup on TV.
Seriously. The slightly winged liner? The tasteful use of false lashes?
She's kind of my makeup idol (apart from the whole vampire thing)

If I could dye my hair? I'd do this:


And then I'd do this:


And then I'd do this!


And eventually I'd probably go back to my current colour. I guess.

But it's all a dream, anyway. I'm not dying my hair because of FRUGALITY. Guess I'll just have to be happy with the bright orange hair feather extensions I got put in (*Note: these are more frugal than dye - just $16 for two, and they stay in until you get them removed!)


Messy Jessie said...

I am always jealous of people who dye their hair. My hair is so dark that unless I want to bleach parts in order to get it to take color, I have no chance in changing it. So sad :(

fabulouslyfrugirl said...

I've only died my hair once in college using drugstore brand dye. Like Messy Jessie, I've got dark hair and it's so hard to dye without bleaching it first.

Needless to say, my hair got really really dry. And I never did it again. Too much maintenance for lazy me.

Annabelle said...

You guys, if I had dark hair? I'd totally get like a bright pink stripe put in. Or maybe a few bright pink stripes. Or blue. That looks amazeballs with dark hair.

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